School’s Out….Dirty Girl Run!

Hey Everyone-

This week is the LAST week of the session and then we go to our summer hours!!  I sure hope that working out makes you feel most of these things below, because if it doesn’t, we might need to re-evaluate!

Being honest, I don’t thing that working out makes me feel “sexy”.  I am a stinky, gross, sweaty pig after a workout and there is NOT one thing SEXY about it!  I don’t get that word….sexy.  People tend to throw that word around when describing how someone looks, but someone’s looks is honestly the least sexy thing about them. Describing someone as sexy while they are working out just doesn’t go!  Am I weird?  (don’t answer that)  I just think that someone’s brains (their ability to have an intellectual conversation), their humor (ability to make me laugh), and their heart (willingness to love and be loved) are the SEXIEST things around!  I don’t know….again, just a “Laura vent”.  Not sure how I feel about the word “UNSTOPPABLE” either…..during a workout I can feel pretty “STOPPABLE”!! lol 🙂  The other words are GREAT….happy, fit, strong, healthy, confident, amazing…..what words would you add?


The class dates and times will be TUESDAY and THURSDAY at 5:15 am starting Tuesday, June 17th!  I will also be having class at 8:30 on Fridays, this gives us a little time to sleep in on Fridays if we want to (which I will be doing)!  Also, feel free to bring your kids to the 8:30 class, I know that time can be a little tricky for some of you and it gets the kids moving too….free workout for them!!

Costs for the summer (10 weeks):

Two Days Per Week:  $165 (This is for Tuesday and Thursday at 5:15 am)

Three Days Per Week: $225 (This is for Tuesday, Thursday, Friday) (No Class July 4th)

Drop in Rates:  $10.00 (Feel Free to Pay the drop in rate for Fridays if you know you can’t make all of them….)

My New Favorite Dessert:

Frozen coolwhip, some chopped strawberries, dark chocolate chips, and a little hershey syrup!  It hits the spot!


Team Three-Pack of Tickets to Dirty Girl Mud Run is $170—Saturday, June 28th….ARE YOU IN???




Let me know if you want to do this….I think we have definitely five interested…..there is a LIVING SOCIAL that I can purchase and you can pay me back.  They would be $60 each this way.  Here is a brief description….This women-only fun run is filled with obstacles like Utopian Tubes, PMS (Pretty Muddy Stuff), and H2OMG — girl power definitely comes in handy. Don’t worry if you can’t run very fast or jump very high; the Dirty Girl Nation is about coming together, having fun, and making awesome, muddy memories.

I NEED TO KNOW…..NOW!!! 🙂  Text me or email me if you want in.  I think I can buy more than one three pack.  Right now I have: MB.S., K.D., me, M.C., D.P., A.Z.?  Let me know!!  If we don’t get a group (some people said they were out of town) we can look at a date in the fall.


This Picture is for D.P.….the reason we do lots of burpees….I’ve been knocked down a few times and figure I may as well make the rest of you do burpees with me!!



What words would you add to the list of how you feel when working out?  Any new healthy treats you want to share?

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