Here we go….

Hey Guys-

I hope the men in your lives had a wonderful Father’s Day!  Happy Father’s Day to the MEN OF NO EXCUSES!!!  They are awesome to workout with, they make us laugh, and we know they are FABULOUS dads too!!  Jim got to spend his day on the baseball diamond for three games…I think he was thrilled!!  Father’s Day was a little rough for me, and I know it was rough for some friends of mine too; fellow No Excusers and dear friends have lost their dads way too early as well.  Today is also my dad’s birthday, and I can’t believe he would be 65 (I think…I’m so bad with that kind of stuff)….all I know is that he was way too young to be gone already!!

We celebrated Emma’s 3rd Birthday this weekend and I think we might have this potty training thing down….at least kind of!


Summer is here and our NEW schedule starts tomorrow!!  We are at it tomorrow.  I’ve got the workout planned and we are ready to go!  It’s tabata style….cardio and strength!  Remember you are going at your 100% for 20 seconds of work time and 10 seconds of rest!  Each 20 second interval you are trying to stay at the same number of reps or better.  For example, if I can do 7 burpees the first 20 seconds, I want to do 7 burpees each time.  No one is counting…but YOU!!  You are competing with yourself for each exercise!!


Our Summer Hours:

Tuesday and Thursday at 5:15 am

Friday at 8:30 am


2 days per week for 10 weeks is $165

3 days per week for 10 weeks is $225

Walk-Ins is $10




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