I will never…. AND lots of odds and ends!

I will NEVER make fun of a person on a Segway again!!  Oh my gosh, I had the greatest time on a Segway Tour in Chicago this weekend.  I have been that person that makes fun of people on those things…comments like: they should walk the tour and get some exercise, or what a pain they are, OR EVEN….what dorks!!  Well, I was that dork this weekend and it was soooo FUN!!  You should have heard some of the comments that were made to us and at us, the worst one being, “You know the inventor of that thing died going over a cliff on one!”  I can’t believe how much of the city we saw in a three hour period!  Our tour guide Ben was great too!  We did have a living social for the tour, it was like $35 for the three hours (usually $69)….so worth it!!

Practicing first!
What a view of the skyline!
Hub 51

Later that night we went to dinner at Hub 51 on Hubbard Street (ha…no mistake there) and then we went to Howl at the Moon.  We had a great time! I had the filet tacos,  the steak was really good without the corn tortillas (I’m not a big fan) and we had the Hub Punch (by the pitcher) that I really enjoyed!  While my aunts and mom went to the bathroom my cousin and I snuck in a quick shot, homemade fireball!  Yum!!  Howl at the Moon had a $10 cover, but it was so worth it!  What a great place to hang out with girlfriends….it’s really nice too because there aren’t many guys there and you don’t have to worry about too many creepers (although there were still your standard whackos!!)

A few of my monthly snack boxes came this week too!  I am not sold on the “snack box” from graze.com.  They give you 100 calorie portions that you can eat through out the day (good idea), but there is not enough food in those little containers for me!!  I am sure it is what I am supposed to eat, but for $7 for the entire box….I’m not sold yet!  Maybe $5….I’d even go $6, but $7 is almost $10 and I need a little more!


I also got my BIRCHBOX….some great samples that I can take with me!  A couple of months ago I got dry conditioner and this month I got some dry shampoo.  Perfect!!  I also got a facial cleanser (my mom says I really need to start washing my face….I am really aging myself….thanks mom! :)) A couple of other great things too!!   I love this little surprise each week!  My STITCHFIX comes tomorrow and I promise to post what I got, maybe something I can bring to VEGAS!!




AND……I MADE SOME $$$$$ on my walk the other day!  Who knew that working out you also made some money!!  It was a nice little find!



THIS WEEK…..We have class Tomorrow at 5:15 am!  We have class THURSDAY at 5:15 am!  WE HAVE CLASS FRIDAY AT THE HILL at 5:15 am (FREE BONUS CLASS)!!

NEXT WEEK (August 4-8)….a few changes….Jim and I are going to VEGAS for 48 hours or so!!  So….we are going to have class Monday, August 4th at 5:15 am (done at 6….go hard for shorter period) and then I am getting on an airplane stinky and sweaty!  Then, we are going to have class Friday morning that week at 5:15 am!!

AND THE NEXT WEEK (August 11-15)….my kids have a basketball camp and I can’t leave my 8 year old and 3 year old home alone….so we are going to go WEDNESDAY (13th)and THURSDAY of that week (14th)….and FRIDAY(15th)….if people want it at a park (I have a playground workout I’d like to use one of these days…FREE BONUS CLASS!)

THE WEEK OF AUGUST 18th….We have Class Tuesday, August 19th and Thursday August 21st!

FALL SESSION STARTS August 26th…We are going to have classes on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Fridays each week!  We will be at the new gymnastics location at some point, just not sure when we will be making that move yet!  🙂


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