Class Tomorrow at 5:15 AM….10 Week Fall Session


Thanks for being so flexible this week…Jim and I had a great time in Vegas!  It was so nice to get away and spend some time together!

Little Recap of the Trip:  I really liked our hotel, The Cromwell (if you remember, it was Bill’s), it was very nice.  I loved the hardwood floors in the room, I hate carpeting in hotel rooms….it grosses me out!  The bathroom was really small, nice, but small.  I couldn’t figure out how to work the shower, there were nozzles from spraying me with cold water from every direction…I guess that’s supposed to be luxurious, I just need a standard hot shower.  Our friends were staying at Caesars so we hung out at their pool the first two days and then went to Drais Beachclub at the top of our hotel the last day.  Drais is actually more of a “club” than a pool, a drink was $40…yep, a 16 oz. plastic cup with vodka watermelon lemonade!  The pool was cool, but definitely not worth $40 a drink!!  I’m way too old and too cheap for that!!  I took a bunch of pictures of the food we ate at Giada’s, Chayo (mexican), Tao (a staple every year), and Guy Fieri’s restaurant, they were all DELICIOUS…but my pictures deleted on the upload…Bummer!!

The Cromwell…Las Vegas

Just a few reminders:

We have class Tomorrow, Friday, August 8th, at 5:15 AM at Cary Gymnastics!

We have class NO CLASS Tuesday, August 12th.

WE WILL HAVE CLASS—Wedensday, August 9th and Thursday, August 10th at Cary Gymnastics at 5:15 AM!!

FREE CLASS AT CARY GROVE PARK (by Cary Grove High School) for a PLAYGROUND WORKOUT at 5:30 AM!!


FALL SESSION-We are going to go for 10 weeks starting Tuesday, August 26th!  We are going to go Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday this session to see how it works.  We will see….

2 days per week for 10 weeks at 5:15 am will be $165

3 days per week for 10 weeks at 5:15 am will be $245

Sign up soon so I can put your name on the list, there is a cap for the session.  (If you have been with me for the spring and/or summer, I have you penciled in for a slot.  If something has come up, change of plans, taking a break, etc. let me know so that I can open the spot for someone else…)




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