Summer over….Fall Session is Ready to Go….

Hi Everyone-

Can you believe it…the Fall session is here!  We have been sweating our butts off the past few classes, it’s been awesome!  I don’t think there was a dry spot in the place!  As we move into the Fall Session and reflect back on what an awesome summer we had I thought I would ask you to set a few goals for yourself this session.  I promise, by no means am I calling anyone out on anything, but I want to challenge you a little.  My greatest fear as a fitness instructor is that you  will get bored and that is the last thing I ever want to happen!!  I try to make sure the workouts are always different, but always challenging (remember to modify what you need to modify…you are the only person what knows how hard you are working, it’s your opinion of yourself that matters!)

Just a few possible challenges as we move into the Fall….I challenge you to stand somewhere new, OR increase your weight just a little, OR do one more push-up than last time, OR go a little deeper in your squat, OR jump a little higher…..I’m challenging you to move outside your comfort zone so you see a positive change in the way that you feel during the workout, after the workout, and the days following the workout.

Oh my gosh….a little recap of the last few weeks of summer that flew by sooooo fast!  I hate it, time in general is going by so fast!  When I planned out a 10 week summer session I thought it was so long, now I am planning out the 10 week Fall session and I am sure it will go just as fast.  Four, ten week sessions, and we are back to summer! We have done so much in the past few weeks as a family trying to cram so much in that I feel like I haven’t had a chance to breathe.

I had my 20th Reunion this past weekend…as some of you know as we amped up the workouts a little bit so Katie and I could be in rockin’ shape!  Ha…too bad the rest of you had to pay for it!!  I feel like high school was so long ago, but gosh I didn’t think it had been that long!  It was truly awesome to see so many people turn out for the event!  I had a blast!!  I thought everyone was so nice and everyone looked great…I wish we could do it again this weekend.  The bad thing was that it was like “speed dating” you didn’t really get a chance to have a long conversation with anyone.  I am lucky that I keep in contact with a pretty good size group of girls so I know I will have a chance to see them soon, but there are a few people I wish I saw a lot more.

20th Reunion!

TO TOP OFF MY FUN WEEKEND….I GOT MY STITCH FIX ORDER TODAY!!  I LOVE IT! I don’t think I am going to keep everything….I just can’t get my head around the sleeveless jean jacket yet, but maybe…..The dress is adorable for open house night and the green jeans fit like a glove!  Hmmmmm…..not sure what to do!

All 5 items for $220…and pictures to show you how to wear it!


Day on the lake!


Lunch by Wrigley!


Under Armor Game!
I make Dana workout on vacation!!
I made Dana workout on vacation!! SQUAT!!


Tomorrow we are back at it!  The schedule will be Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday at 5:15!  Can’t wait to see everyone!! 2 days per week=$165 and 3 days per week=$245

We have one spot left….otherwise we are maxed out!  If you were coming in the spring, summer, or I’ve talked to you recently you are on the list–see you tomorrow or Wednesday morning!!



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