Class this week is Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday…

Hi Guys-

We are going to have class this week Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday.  I goofed.  We will switch to Monday, Wednesday, Friday the week of September 22-26th.  Sorry, but I love having Mondays off, I actually get to spend some time with my family, but that one week I will be downtown late on a Monday night and it will be a little too late and a few too many cocktails to get up early!

I don’t know about the rest of you, but I think I have finally figured out the kids’ schedules and have a pretty good system in place with rides and pickups…until it rains, or the power goes out in Palatine and I can’t get home fast enough, or I have a sick kid, or someone doesn’t want to go cause it’s too cold, but other than that, I’ve got it down!!


We are three weeks in and for some of you it is your first three weeks with me in a while.  How do you feel?  What do you need from me to help you get stronger….What do you hate? (so I can do more of it)  What do you love?  (so I can do less of it) I can only push you so hard in the gym…you have to push yourself twice as hard in the kitchen!  It takes a lot more dedication when you are at home than at a workout.  I know you all work hard in class, it’s what you are doing at home.

After my recent bee sting, in the most awful, unflattering spot that has never seen sunlight on my arm…you know that part of the arm that you love to run on your grandma because it’s just so soft and squishy…yep that’s where I got bit.  When I went to show anyone the bite, I got to show them that “sexy” spot!  Everytime I swear I wanted to say, “I promise, I really do workout, a lot!”  Okay…so I digress…the point I was trying to make is that I KNOW I WORK HARD IN CLASS!!


UNFORTUNATELY, I ALSO KNOW….that I don’t eat as well as I workout!  Again for our group it sucks….cause we workout really flippin’ hard and I REALLY WISH that was enough….but it’s NOT!!

I say no more!

October 1st a challenge is coming and an incentive….stay tuned!!  

OH my…it was this little peanut’s first week of school!  She did so great, but it sounds like she is exhausted at school and after school all she wants is a nap…Amen to that, all I want is a nap too!!

IMG_1984  IMG_1986

SUMMARY:  Class next week is Tuesday (16th), Wednesday (17th), Friday (19th) at 5:15 am!  The following week will be Monday (22nd), Wednesday (24th), Friday (26th)!

Challenge and Incentive coming October 1st!

Work as hard in the kitchen as you do in the gym!

Please pay $165 for 2 days and $245 for 3 days if you haven’t yet.

We have two more spots if you know someone wants in….or we have a couple spots on Wednesdays only if you know someone who wants to shake up their routine! 🙂

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