Breathe…Part 2….2015 Session

Hi Everyone-

I have been so crazy busy the last few weeks that I never posted my last blog titled “Breathe”, it was about trying to make it through the holidays…oops!  Now,  the Holidays are over and we really can breathe…it’s over!  I can’t believe how fast it goes by, all the excitement and build up and it’s over in a matter of minutes (or at least it feels that way).


What are your goals for 2015?  I’ve heard some crazy goals-no sugar, no chemically enhanced foods, no alcohol, no meat, exercise 7 days a week, all organic, blah, blah, blah.  It’s really easy to say these things, but it all becomes real when you put it in print.  Sometimes we even need to tell others what our goals are to help with accountability and support.

Let’s try to write our fitness goals for 2015 in a SMART format:  images

S=Specific  M=Measurable  A=Attainable  R=Realistic  T=Timely

My goal is to be prepared for the Cary Half Marathon on March 15th by working out six days per week, 3 days include a bootcamp type class, and three running days with one day being a long run.

This is a pretty significant goal for me because I hate running in the cold and I like to sleep in (at least a 6 am sleep in) on my off days from bootcamp.  The goal is specific (number of days), measurable (can keep track on a calendar), attainable (i can do it if i get my butt out of bed), realistic (I’ve given myself a day off), and timely (an end date…here I come Spring Break).


Two days per week (18 hours) will be $150 and three days per week (27 hours) will be $225.

Not to put any pressure on…but what is your goal for 2015?

Let’s break this down mathematically to show you that class 2 times per week or maybe even 3 times per week this session is so important.  Stay with me here…..

If you come to class 2 times per week, that is 18 days of working out over 9 weeks, that’s totally doable.  That’s 18 hours of spending time on yourself, making you healthier! Oh, but wait, it is also making you a better mom/dad and wife/husband.  That’s 18 hours out of 1,512 hours per 9 weeks or 1.1% over the course of a year!!  Can you give 1.1% of your time for your health? For your family?  I KNOW YOU CAN DO THIS!!!

If you come to class 3 times per week, that’s 27 hours of working out over the course of 2 1/2 months.  Let’s calculate this one out a little bit further…if you come to class three times per week for 52 weeks that’s 156 days per year you have dedicated to working out….that’s 156 hours of time that you are focused on you!  People say there is no time to workout, but we actually have 8,760 HOURS over the course of the year so the excuse that we don’t have enough time really doesn’t hold up.   Three times per week spent on exercise is 1.8% of your time to focus on your health!! Can you give 1.8% of your time to make a better version of yourself? For your family?  I know you can do this!!!  

As I write this, I am really trying to put this in perspective because it sounds sooooo crazy, it is such a little amount of time in the BIG scheme of things.   Most of us spend 26-33% of our time on another important category in regards to our health, sleeping.   What else do we spend our time on?

How much time does it take to make that doctor appointment, drive to the appointment, sit in the waiting room, finally see the doctor, do follow up tests, etc?  Seems like a lot of wasted time.  Could this be the year to be proactive rather than reactive??

Another way we spend a lot of time, according to Business News, is on the web.  Americans spend 23 hours per week online or texting!!  Wait, what, that’s CRAZY…I’m pretty sure sitting at our desks or on the phone is not making us any healthier.  I found this to be pretty interesting….Ipsos-US-Average-SocNet-Time-Spend-Per-Day-Jan20131-300x195

So,with all my ramblings, how much time are you going to commit to your health this year?  Baby steps…..start with one day a week, or two days a week, or three…it’s up to you!!

One Hour per week is better than ZERO hours per week!

This week is the last week of the session.  We are going to go Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday (Start the New Year out right) at 5:15 am.  

Happy New Year!!!

I just had to add this one…. images



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