Where are you at? 1 1/2 weeks left in the session…Some ideas….

leg day funnyHi Guys-

Are those legs shaky yet?  Mine are starting to get there…that was a doozy today!!

shaky leg baby

For those of you that are doing the Diet Bet…how is it going?  From a few of you I have heard it sucks!  For me….not so good.  However, some of you are ROCKIN’ it! Keep it up!!  Remember, you get your $25 back and then some….I’m adding another $25 to the pot!!

how you do it...

Some Tips that have been helping me this week (or should I say last week because this week I’ve gone on a CEREAL BINGE):

MASON JAR SALAD (This is so great to take to work, it’s cute and healthy! I have a great balsamic dressing too! Put the dressing on the bottom, add any hard veggies or nuts, then soft veggies, then your protein then your greens.  You will be the hit of the lunch table!)

mason jar salad

GREENS:  Any kind, but I really like this one from Costco…it’s all ready washed and easy to squish into the jar!


PARMESAN CHEESE:  This has been a “go to” this week, on salads, pizzas, eggs, anything!


CHOPPED VEGGIES:  I chop ’em up and put ’em in my omelet, on my pizza, or in my salad.


PEPPERS:  Cut up big chunks and spread out on a cookie sheet!  Add some salt and pepper prior to making.  Bake until tender, about 10-15 minutes.


ROTISSERIE CHICKEN:  It doesn’t look very appealing, but it makes life a lot easier than taking apart a real rotisserie chicken!  I like this one better than the cubed chicken from Costco, but it goes bad a little faster than I thought it would.


FLATOUTS:  My new find!  I use them for pizza, egg burritos, turkey rolls…I even used them for cx enchiladas (cx from above, green chiles, avocado).  I got a three package from Costco with three different flavors.


PIZZAS:  This one has veggies, bbq sauce, more veggies, chicken, and spinach!


Oops forgot to sprinkle with cheese!!





BRUSSELS SPROUTS!! AGAIN!!  (They do have some side effects that may not be too appealing, but you can eat a ton, be totally fun, and you don’t feel guilty!!




That’s all for now….





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