New Session Starts Tuesday, March 10th!!

Hi Guys-

Short and sweet!  Wanted to get a few tidbits out there while I remembered them:

DIET BET ends March 20th-  You must weigh in on March 20th on the scale that you originally weighed yourself in on.  Remember it’s 4% of your starting weight!!  By the end the BET the pot will be $400 (yep, I threw in an extra $125 to MOTIVATE you!!)  Let’s do this!!images

21 Day Fix- I don’t know what came over me, but I decided to try the 21 day fix (of course I have to put my spin on it…a little bit of cheat that is) before spring break.  Really, the 21 day fix is eating fruits and veggies, protein, a very little amount of carbs, and some good fats, like avocado and nuts.  It’s really what we should all be doing, but there is no way I can follow it exactly….I’m on day 2 and all ready making exceptions.  For example, Becca made brownies tonight, I had to try a tiny bite so she knew how awesome they were.  I did go to Costco and buy a TON of fruits and veggies…I sure hope I eat them before they go bad!!

21 day

The 21 day fix is not easy, it’s all about nutrition and exercise.  You can thank the “fix” for some of those leg exercises today…..It’s kind of amazing-the workout required for the ” 21 day fix” is good, but I had to add in a few “extras”, about 20 minutes of intense cardio to get you where I wanted to today….Where is that you say?  To greatness and exhaustion of course!!  You guys are in such good shape  that I need to keep pushing you to the next level.  Awesome job today!  Tomorrow is upper body and Friday we will work it all!!

Session Fees– March 10th-May 8th (the session is 9 weeks long with spring break, but you are only paying for 8)

2 Days Per Week- $150

3 Days Per Week- $225

Walk-ins- $10 per class

See some of you in the morning!!

spring ahead

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