PUSH for 3!! We did it!!

We have 3 more workouts this week (hopefully we have a little “luck” tomorrow as we push thru the St. Patty’s Day Special I have planned)and then a few more doozies and then you are on your own for a week!!  Let’s push our bodies to the max and finish this DIET BET off strong as we head into SPRING BREAK!!

Over Spring Break do something….try something….

do anything

DIET BET INFO:  If you weighed in on your home scale, you need to text me a picture on your home scale again.  If you weighed in with me you have to weigh in with me on Friday, either before or after class.

I hid his weight for privacy!

The pre-packaged fruits and veggies are helping me get through the week.  The weekends are so hard because there is so much temptation and no schedule.  I feel like the weekdays are so much easier to stay focused with my prepackaged snacks for work. I’m not sure I could stuff anymore into those bags, but it works!



As I’ve said, I’m trying to do the 21 day Fix.  I like it for teaching me the portion control and forcing me to eat more fruits and veggies.  However, I have also tried to incorporate the Shakeology shakes into my diet (you know I use the word diet as what I eat, my diet, not that I’m on a diet)!!  Now, I understand why people lose weight when they drink those shakes….I am constantly running to the toilet, no actually, I should say SPRINTING to the toilet!!  I am sure that is way too much information, especially for a few of you, but I have to be honest in my reviews! 🙂



Don’t get me wrong…I also enjoyed a few bites of these special treats…..



After we completed our Half Marathon on Sunday!  We KILLED it-at least by my standards!!



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