Happy Mother’s Day!! New Session Starts Tuesday!

Hi Everyone-

Oh my goodness….it’s Mother’s Day already!! That means I need to start thinking about Father’s Day!  Shoot!  I know there is a box upstairs with something inside of it that I think I really want (shhh…but hoping for a new purse) that was delivered by the “box truck” (as emma calls it) the other day.

However, as hopeful as I am about what is inside that box is as much as I dread the day….Mother’s Day.  Don’t get me wrong, I love my mother and she means the absolute world to me and I love being a mother.  BUT….. I don’t particularly care for the day.  It’s funny, I am so much like my dad it is ridiculous, but sooooo like my mom in this aspect.  My mom has always had the attitude with everything, holidays, birthdays, celebrations (graduation, first communion), that is about the PROCESS, the day to day, not the day!  Yes, the day is important in some regards, but in the case of Mother’s Day it was more important to her that we try to do right throughout the year, rather than 1 specific day during the year.

Now, being honest, as a kid this sucked! I would make the special card, hide the present under my bed, clean my room (for the first time in weeks), and then my sisters and I would get into an argument or do something stupid and all of it would go down the toilet and we had ruined my mom’s special day.   NOW I get it!!  It happens every mother’s day here!!

There is so much hype around making the day special that we lose sight of what it really means to be honor our mother.  I know that I am going to see a gazillion comments on facebook about people loving their mother, comments about how great their mother was or is, and that they couldn’t live without her.  I know for a fact that some of those people had very difficult relationships with their mother in the past, but as they have gotten older a new perspective of their mother has formed, mishaps have been forgiven and the relationship has moved forward with a new understanding.   When we become mothers ourselves our perspective changes.  We get it now!!   Being a mom is HARD and we are all trying to do the best we can!!

Let me tell you….I’m making a TON of mistakes and my kids are probably going to need LOADS of therapy, but I’m doing the best I can.  I’m getting better in some areas and suckier in others.  I hope when my kids are older that they know that I did the best I could.  I hope they know that even though I act like a lunatic on this special day it is because I have unrealistic expectations  and that no matter what……. I LOVE THEM IMMENSELY AND WOULD DO ANYTHING FOR THEM!!!


Have a great day Moms!   cabin-may,jeffs game, shower 008

See everyone Tuesday!! New session Starts!!  New session is from Tuesday, May 12th until June 25th!



One thought on “Happy Mother’s Day!! New Session Starts Tuesday!

  1. Sharon Lynch says:

    I loved it!!  Thank you for all those honest mother’s thoughts but most of all thank you for being my awesome daughter who still loves me quirks and all.

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