Week 3….oops missed Week 2! First 25 on me!


I sure hope everyone had a great Memorial Day Weekend!  The weather could have cooperated a little bit more, but it was nice to some sun and at least be able to get outside a good chunk of the time.  We had lots of baseball and soccer this weekend!   Spring is CRAZY time for everyone, the school year is winding down, the kids are checking out, the adults are checking out, spring sports are ramping up, summer camp registration is starting (more on that later) and all I really want to do is sit by the pool (I rarely go in) and have a few cocktails!  I’m not sure sitting by the pool is going to happen any time soon, but I’m hopeful!!

just in the mood to share this tonight!
Just in the mood to share this tonight!

More importantly, because I keep forgetting….I would love for everyone to sign up for the Heroes Like Haley race….and I’ll even pay for it for the first 25 who let me know they want in!!  The fee is $25 and it’s on me ….so just let me know if you would like to run it.  It a 5k and you can run or walk, but if I am paying for it you are at least run/walking it!  The date is July 12th at 7:00 am.  The location is ideal…Cary Grove Park (located right next to the high school), most of us can even walk there.  Let me know and I will register you.  I would love to get a head count because I can create a Team for us and a donation page!!  If family members want to participate I will pay for them too!!  First 25 are on me!

That’s it….I have so much more to say, but Jim is home tonight due to game cancellations so I think I’ll go chat before it’s time for the “bedtime” routine and pickups from practices!

See you in the morning…or Friday morning!

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