2 Weeks, Pitts, Challenge, Fall

Summer is NOT over, I still won’t say that it is (even though I have to go school clothes and supply shopping x4)!  There are still two full weeks for us to squeeze things in (we haven’t made our annual trip to Randall Oaks Petting Zoo….Ryan may be getting a little old for that one)!  Unfortunately, some of you are headed back a little earlier (that will be me next summer…:( , but for the rest of us, let’s enjoy it.

After my trip to Pittsburgh this week, Jim and I realized that we now know more about Pittsburgh than we do about Chicago (I’m going to try to squeeze in a day downtown for the kiddos).  I DEFINITELY earned wife of the year award…we did the behind the scenes tours of both PNC Park and Heinz Field, attended two Cubs games, and even stopped at Training Camp for the Steelers on the way to the airport.  Speaking of airports….Latrobe Airport was the smallest airport, they have free parking and the rental car company was literally at the gate when we got off!  It was great.  We flew Spirit (I know…insert boos and awful sighs), but it actually wasn’t bad!  It was on time both ways and I got my luggage!!

The smallest airport ever!

A few pictures from Pittsburgh….

The View from our seats the first night at the game!
The view from our seats the second night!
The view from our seats the second night!

Our favorite restaurant of the trip…we even went there twice!!  They had the best bread for French Toast and we ate almost all of it! IMG_7884 IMG_7851   IMG_7852   And we then went to this cheese store….I don’t know anything about cheese, but we ordered “Drunken” cheese (of course it had to do with alcohol)!  Delish!!       IMG_7854   Enough about my vacation (I know it bores some of you-especially DW) So…summer is the time to let loose and relax- drink, eat, drink some more, and eat some more!! So….now it’s time to kick my own butt (and yours) physically (I think we definitely did that this week) and start eating a little more healthy, time to tighten the reigns!! So….I’m about to go on a tangent….

I have always been very honest with balancing exercise and what you eat and I have always shared my “diets” my results or lack there of. I have done the 21 day fix, I drink Shakeology, I’ve tried low carb, no carb, Advocare cleanse, Weight Watchers years ago, I think I even did a cereal diet. I’ve counted calories.  I’ve done the “my fitness pal app”.    I am someone who likes to try everything and anything to prove that I can do it and lose weight.  I would have to say that I loved the results of the 21 Day Fix (my favorite)…I ate healthy all day, fruits and veggies, salmon and/or chicken at night and it was GREAT!!  IT worked…I felt fantastic, both mentally and physically because I was only putting healthy foods in my body! But……I am someone who once I do something and achieve it I’m like, “Yep, I did it.  I proved I can do it, no need to do it again.”  So….I tried to follow the 21 day fix a few weeks ago and it lasted a day- I couldn’t do it.  What now?  Well, I’m going to do ISAGENIX. isagenix Yep, you read that right.  I’m going to try it.   Now, let’s be real honest here….I know it’s not an end all be all.  I am actually using it to kickstart the beginning of the school year. My hope for myself is that this 30 day restart will be a “DETOX” for me, get me back on the right track! I am ABSOLUTELY addicted to CARBS!!!  I LOVE SUGAR!!  Jim watched me inhale a package of twizzlers before we got on the airplane the other day in 10 seconds…it was EMBARASSING (when he called me out on it)!!I am pretty sure I will lose weight in the first 30 days eating the shakes and a healthy meal, but what is going to happen after the  30 days? Hmmmmm…..I have an idea….probably gain some weight back!  I actually have the box in the dining room with all the supplies, but can’t get myself to start!  There are still a few more “summer obligations” that REQUIRE eating good food, drinking fun cocktails, and enjoying good company!    My friends call me the guinea pig for all these crazy Diets. Expect honest feedback!!  Let’s remember, I am the same person who gained weight on a 7 day cleanse instead of losing weight!!

So, because I’m making myself suffer, so must all of you- or at least if you want to! A WEIGHT LOSS CHALLENGE (any way you want, low carb, no carb, 21 day fix, count calories, use fitness pal, even report to me what you eat on a daily basis) will begin….August 25th for 6 weeks.  The last day to weigh in will be October 2nd!  The person with the HIGHEST weight loss percentage will win a free session beginning October 12th!  The second highest percentage will win 50% off and the third will earn 25% off the session fee!  You will need to weigh in the week of August 24th on my scale!!

The NEW SESSION will start Tuesday, August 25th-October 9th.  I am going to have classes three days per week (I’m going to give it a shot with my new full time teacher schedule) and we are going to go Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday from 5:15-6:00.  A lot of you come two days a week and that will make it easier for you to choose to come Tuesday or Wednesday ( a little smaller classes those days) and then Friday (a bigger group).  Does that make sense?  Two days per week is $150 and Three days per week is $200.  

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