New Session….Weigh In/Update….Back at it

Well, all I can say is that the only positive to the summer ending is getting back into a routine!  But, being honest, I REALLY like not having a routine.  It has been a great summer!  Now it’s time to get back at it for the next 185 School Days (and if you are wondering, I am already praying for some snow days or cold days)!

lean and strong

The NEW Session will be Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday from 5:15-6:00 am from Tuesday, August 25th-October 9th.  I will try to get us out by 6:05 at the latest, but I tried to do that this week and it didn’t work out so well.  So…when you need to leave, just go!!  Also, if you can’t tell the gym is under construction and I really have no idea what it’s going to look like when I walk in.  I may have a workout planned and it may go up in smoke (one of the benefits of being a teacher is that I have learned the ability to PUNT at various times in my teaching career)! Two days per week is $150 and Three days per week is $200.


My ISAGENIX UPDATE—I started Friday, August 14th on Isagenix.  So far, about 10 days later, I am 2.8 pounds down.  Each day I drink two shakes and then have a healthy normal meal of either chicken or salmon with a salad, quinoa, and vegetables.  I CAN NOT WAIT to eat this meal.  A lot of critics of shakes usually say that the problem with drinking your food is that you still want to participate in that “act of eating solids”.  I 100% agree!  I LOVE real food with real crunch!!  I have done one day of the cleanse, which is NO ACTUAL FOOD AT ALL for the entire day and drinking some “concoction” 4 times per day along with lots of water.  I am not opposed to a cleanse, cleaning out the system, but I definitely needed a nap!!   I did have 6 ghiradelli squares that day (for some reason these are allowed, maybe not that many, but that’s how many I ate).  I DEFINITELY cheated this weekend with drinking alcohol and some pizza last night, but I still feel good!!  I will be interested to see how this week goes as I transition back to work!  More to come….

show up

WEIGHT LOSS CHALLENGE (any way you want, low carb, no carb, 21 day fix, count calories, use fitness pal, even report to me what you eat on a daily basis) will begin….August 25th for 6 weeks. The last day to weigh in/out will be October 2nd! The person with the HIGHEST weight loss percentage will win a free session beginning October 12th! The second highest percentage will win 50% off and the third will earn 25% off the session fee! You will need to weigh in the week of August 24th on my scale!!

scale 2



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