The Winners Are….I Pay YOU….New Session….

The Winners of the Weight Loss Challenge are….scale 2

3rd Place-25% off Session fee- Deb

2nd Place- 50% off Session fee- GraceAnn

1st Place- FREE SESSION- Dana

The new session starts Tuesday, October 13th!  We are going to stick with 3 days a week, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday!  I was debating about going down to 2 days per week, but I know that I won’t get up and go running in the cold so we are going to push for 3 days again!  I am also going to offer a little incentive to get you to come to class more consistently….I am going to pay you!  What?!

As a group we have a 74% average  attendance rate (yes, I’m a nerd and love data), some are higher and some are lower, you know who you are (and if you don’t, send me a text and I will let you know)!  Now, don’t get too excited about the payment I’m offering…it’s not that much, but it will add up for the next session fee.  So, let’s say you are a “2 times a week” person and come 13 of the 14 days in the next session, you get $13 off the next session fee.  However, if you come 14 out of 14 times, 100% attendance rate, you get an additional $10 off for a total of $23 off!  Those of you that are a “3 days per week” person it would be out of a possible 21 days, with an additional $15 off for perfect attendance!  Hopefully this makes sense-any questions please ask!!

attendance pinterest

It’s that time of the year again…the death of me has arrived in the stores!!  I love Candy Corn and since the Weight Loss Challenge has ended I think I have actually eaten at least 7 pounds of this stuff.  I am not kidding when I say it is an addiction.  I know some of you will think I’m really weird, but I’m going to bet some of you can relate, even if it’s not candy corn for you, it’s something else.  Literally, when I take that first handful of this CRAP, because that’s what it really is, I feel like it’s  a drink of alcohol, I instantly relax and feel like I have gotten a “fix”!  I know I probably shouldn’t be saying this out loud or in print for that matter, but I have a definite SUGAR ADDICTION!!!  I can’t stop once I start!  If I don’t have any of it I’m okay, but once I start I’m totally screwed cause there is no stopping me!!


Just a little reminder, that each handful of candy corn (12 little pieces) is 100 calories and one handful of M&M’s is 100 calories.  Yikes!  That adds up quick!

candy workout chart

See you all Tuesday!!!  New Session is going to be 8 weeks because of Thanksgiving!  It is from Tuesday, October 13th-December 4th.  So…for 2 days per week the total is still $150 and for 3 days per week is still $200.   There will be NO class on Wednesday or Friday of Thanksgiving week!!

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