Maintain Don’t Gain Challenge!

Hi Guys-

This one is going to be short and sweet!  We are already in week 3 of this session!  As I continue to eat candy corn by the pound I figured I needed a new challenge.  Yes, I need things to motivate me and Spring Break is not in the near future……..So…………………   I am starting the Maintain Don’t Gain Challenge!

maintain don't gain 1

What that entails:

1- Weigh in is Tuesday, November 3rd and/or Wednesday, November 4th on my scale or a picture of you on your scale with a current

2- Weigh OUT will be January 5th or 6th.

3- You need to MAINTAIN your current weight within 2 pounds from your starting weight.

4-If you LOSE 3% of your body weight by January 5th or 6th you will get 30% off your next session!  If you LOSE 2% of your bodyweight you will get 20% off the next session!

5- If you MAINTAIN your weight over the Holiday season….you get 10% off your session fee in addition to feeling like a ROCKSTAR for 2 months!

maintain don't gain 2

Also, just a little reminder for the weekend!!  LOL!  I know what you are thinkin’, Look who’s talking!!pretty candy chart

Session Dates and Fees:  

2 Days per week thru December 4th (No class 11/25 and 11/27) $150

3 Days per week thru December 4th (No class 11/25 and 11/27) $200


brunch cafe****Tentative Holiday Breakfast on ME will be on Wednesday, December 23rd at Brunch Cafe in Fox River Grove immediately following our 5:15 workout!!  Tell your bosses you’ll be late if you aren’t a teacher!*****

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