This week….Tuesday and Wednesday (maybe a little late)

What a gorgeous day it was yesterday!  Yes, the snow was CRAZY, but the after effect was amazing!!  I went running yesterday by myself and got a lot of problems solved (at least in my mind) and it was good reminder of why I live in Cary….so pretty and peaceful!IMG_8565

Ignore the wrinkles!


So, we are going to have class this week on Tuesday and Wednesday (we will take a vote on start time) and possibly Thursday…..I am planning on doing the Turkey Trot in Trout Valley, but if the weather is rainy like they are saying I thought we would do a family workout at the Gym.  I will text everyone to see if there is any interest!

turkey funny

Maintain Don’t Gain Challenge….to keep us on course there will be a weigh in on Tuesday, December 1st.  This will be our 1/2 way mark to the New Year.

ecard thanksgiving

New Session Starts December 8th, 2015- January 29th, 2016 (No class on December 25, 2015 and NO class on January 1, 2016)

Holiday Breakfast will be December 23rd after our workout!  Please tell your bosses now that you will be late….it is my thank you!!brunch cafe






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