We started today….

The Holiday Parties have started, the treats are everywhere, the cocktails are flowing, and the waist bands are getting tighter!!  Uh oh!

In our office at work there is a FOOD FEST for two weeks straight!  That means that the big round table in the center of the room is covered with bagels, donuts, peppermint cookies, chocolate cookies, buffalo dip, pretzels, chips, candy, more candy, pizza, Chinese food, brownies, ham roll-ups, oreo balls….the list goes on and on.

I have to say that I do find it rather disgusting, but of course I still contribute and still nibble!!  I bet you are wondering if I brought something healthy, a veggie tray possibly?  Nope!  I brought in Monkey Bread that I made with two sticks of butter, a cup of brown sugar and another cup of white sugar and it was gone literally 10 minutes after it hit the table.  Yikes!!

monkey bread

As some of you know, as we get older, the ability to keep off those extra pounds is not as easy as it used to be.  I know that I used to be able to OUTWORK a bad diet.   In my younger years, I could eat and drink what I wanted and workout a few times a week and keep the weight off, but that is no longer the case!  So…what can we do to enjoy both?

Unfortunately, it’s called moderation…. I know…that stinks and is NOT easy!

Some things that I find helpful…..holiday tips


PROMISE TO MYSELF:  I will workout at least five out of seven days giving 100% each time.   I will eat  delicious treats.  I will have a few holiday cocktails.  I will NOT continue to eat something after the first bite if I do NOT LOVE what I am eating.  If I don’t like the rest of the cookie/treat/appetizer I will throw it away!  I will not continue to eat something that I do not LOVE just because I feel bad about throwing it away.  I will love myself no matter what…even on days that I screw up!

Reminder…new session started today!  See you at the gym!

No class 12/25/15, 01/01/16, and 01/15/16

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