Tidbits: Bands/Ankle Weights/Breakfast

Just a few tidbits for this week:

1-If you have any of those elastic/resistance bands laying around the house that you are willing to share I would love to use them in class.  They look like this: resistance band

2- If you have any Ankle Weights we NEED those too…

ankle weights

3- December 23rd is Breakfast at Brunch Cafe right after class!  (I know it’s a little bit of a drive, but it’s so much better!)

brunch cafe

4- If you can, please try to wear a second pair of shoes…I would love to use some of the new mats during the workouts.   I know we will forget sometimes, but just best effort would be great!

dirty shoes

5.  Everything in moderation….this is our snack table at work!  It was packed full this morning and tons gone by 12:30!  Yikes!  table

cupcake balance

6.  New Session has started (any college kids that want to come in with their parents are always FREE)!  Class is Tuesday and Wednesday of the two weeks over break!  Class is at 5:15 am.

7.  Just a blurry picture of us and the kids…we got a night out thanks to my mom having the kiddos over to decorate cookies, pizza, and sleepover!  us2 kids

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