Rett Syndrome…new session Monday


Hi Everyone-I wanted to take a moment to bring some awareness to a genetic syndrome that my nephew, Madden, was diagnosed with last week, Rett Syndrome.  As a “novice” blogger, with a very “quaint” audience I thought I would use the social media platform that I have and hope that possibly one reader, friend, or client would/could possibly know someone with a son with this syndrome.  This syndrome is a neurological developmental disorder that is typically only seen in girls.  Madden is one of 40 boys in the Unites States.  Madden has been through many tests, scans, and surgeries prior to this diagnosis.  He is a fighter!!!  There is no cure for Rett Syndrome.  There is no treatment.  Madden’s mom (my sister, Jenna) and dad will continue to help Madden fight each day as they have done since Madden was born.  If you know of someone with a son with this syndrome please pass on their email or phone number to me.  My sister’s hope is that she will be able to connect with other families and spread awareness– please share his story.

A few tidbits of nonsense to get out of the way after that.  Based on the weight loss challenge from Thanksgiving through the New Year, some of you get 10% (just for participating), 20%, or 30% off next session’s fees.  I will text each of you with the amount that you owe for the next session that will start Tuesday, February 2nd- Tuesday, March 22, 2016 so don’t pay me until I give you the amount!  🙂



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