Last Class for the Session is Tuesday, March 22nd.

Yikes this 7 week session flew by….but we have one more day on Tuesday, March 22nd!  Treat Tuesday like a Friday.  I am going to send out some random texts the week of March 28th-April 1st to see who is around, if there are enough I figure we can do $5 classes that week!  Becca is having surgery that week so I am not sure how it will all play out and I have a feeling a lot of you will be out of town!

Next Session will be April 5th- May 18th.  NO CLASS Friday, May 20th………. 7 week session- 2 days/week= $150; 3 days/week=$200

Workout for Break ($5 off next session for a short video of you doing it emailed to me each time you complete the workout-): Warm-Up-5minutes— jog/side to side/arm circles/walk out-3 pushups/walk out (one leg forward) other leg (all of my regulars know the routine, if you are new, make sure you get loose before you get going)

This is a circuit that you are going to go thru TWICE TOTAL….each interval is 50 seconds and it is a strength move followed by a cardio move!! If you don’t have weights, use a gallon of milk, or water bottle, or basektball.

1- Goblet Squat (using a heavy weight-if you have heavier than a 10-try it!!), squat LOW, butt low-thighs past parallel (You can do without weights too)


2-Mountain Climbers-MOOOOVVVVEEEEE!!!

mountain climber

3-Single arm Dumbbell swing (dumbbell comes to shoulder height, squat and lower)(2nd time thru other arm swing)

single dumbbell swing

4-Fast Feet- Wide feet-get low-move those feet fast!!

fast feet

5-Push Up to T-Stabilization (Alternate) (No weights)

pushup t

6-Mountain Climbers

mountain climber

7-Dumbbell Row (bent at hips, wrists are pointing behind you and alternate rows, one arm at a time)

alternating dumbbell row8-Fast Feet

fast feet

9-Dumbbell Side Lunge (lunge to the side, as far as you can go, butt back, weights go to feet)(2nd time thru go other side)

dumbbell side lunge

10-Mountain Climbers

mountain climber

11-One Dumbbell Lunge with twist- Lunge forward and twist into front leg

lunge twist

12-Fast Feet

fast feet

13-Weighted Burpees (using a weight-you can do this with one weight and put it on the ground when you do your PUSHUP)

weighted burpee

14-Mountain Climbers

mountain climber

15- Bicycle Crunches

bicycle crunch

16-Fast Feet

fast feet

TAKE A BREAK!!! No longer than a minute!!

PUSHUPS—How many can you get in 30 seconds???  REPEAT 3x!!


2nd Time Thru the Cardio Circuit is Butt Kicks (make sure you pull your heels to your butt)/High Knees (hands at hip level and touch your hands)

butt kick 2

high knees


AB Circuit (one minute each-repeat twice)

Butt lifts (put one leg up for more of a challenge)

butt lift

Reverse Crunches

reverse ab crunch

Side Plank Hip Touches

side plank lifts


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