I passed….55 more days….how are those tris?

Well, I did it, I am now a Nutritional Consultant.  I can’t say that I passed with flying colors, but I passed. 🙂  I’m actually not sure how much I learned…I ate my frozen cool whip and chocolate syrup for dessert last night (and the night before).   I am pretty sure that wasn’t in the book!  I have to take a class to re-certify my personal training certification so I decided to take that one…so if anyone wants a nutrition plan that includes a diet of jelly beans, cool whip, and coffee I’m your girl!

We are in week 4 of the tricep arm torture, it’s only 4 weeks long…but no worries we are going to repeat it!  Yay!  Some of you are probably wondering why we are doing so much tricep work and I can explain it to you.  🙂  The tricep muscle is what gives the arm it’s shape!  No need to worry, we will also work those booties!!


Did you know that there are only 55 days until summer?  Yikes, where did the Fall and Winter go?  We are still waiting for Spring!!!summer olaf

We are in week four of the session, 3 more weeks to go. (a little reminder if you haven’t paid yet).  Reminder no class Friday, May 20th.

I’m not sure if you have picked up on it yet, but my hope is to amp up the workouts just a little bit.  Unfortunately for you,  I’m going ((along with K.D.) to Mexico for a long weekend with high school girlfriends for our 40th Birthdays.  I need to feel that I gave a good effort in the gym so the rest of you get to do it with me )!  My goal is to work hard and watch my eating before the trip, eat and drink a ton while I’m there, and get back at it when I get back!  Unfortunately, the reality of all the hard work is that as much as I kick our  a ** in the gym I need to kick my own a** in the KITCHEN!veggies, fruit, water

I hate getting old!  I used to be able to eat what I wanted, workout and still feel great!  Now, I eat what I want, workout, and nothing changes!



Don’t forget…the Train Crawl is coming….Mark your calendars for June 3rd!




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