Train Crawl/Beachbody/Session Fees

HI Everyone—

Boooo…… I am still in school and counting down the days until I am out of here for the SUMMER!  I am so looking forward to the start of summer, but I am super excited to see so many of you on the train crawl…hopefully you can make it to a stop, or 2, or all of it.  We will have some appetizers like last time at Tap House Grill and I will have some snacks packed in a bag again.

TapHouse Grill
TapHouse Grill

Train Schedule: Leave Cary at 3:08 arrive at Arlington Park 3:29; Leave Arlington Park at 5:49 (center track) and arrive at Palatine at 5:55; Have Snacks in Palatine at Tap House again; Stop at Nellies/Lamps if time; Train is at 7:26 from Palatine to Barrington (McGonigals); Train from Barrington is at 8:32 to Fox River Grove (Grovers); Leave Fox River Grove at 9:40 and head to Cary Ale House for Cheese Curds and Pretzels….

Beachbody Update:For those of you that aren’t on facebook…like my mom, who only gets to hear about what I’m doing or how my girls trip was from here (because when I see her I have a million other things to talk about)… is my “introduction post” from Facebook about Beachbody:

I’m excited (but also very apprehensive) to share that I am now a Beachbody coach. I am not really sure what I am doing, but hopefully things fall into place as they did with No Excuses (thanks to all of you who have been coming to class the past 4 years). I am still teaching classes this summer 2 times per week, but looking forward to an extra day of sleep and figured I’d give this a go….see if I can reach a few more people on their health and fitness journey!

I drink Shakeology on a daily basis (drinking one now )and I personally like it better than the other shakes I have tried. I also continue to purchase the Beachbody videos (which I do on my own time and also steal exercise ideas from for our workouts in class—shhhhh!)

I figured being a coach would save me a little money too (Ryan and Jim are also drinking it too), always a bonus. Honestly, the hardest thing about this whole Beachbody coach thing is that I’m supposed to post on Facebook…A LOT…for accountability purposes (but you don’t have to if you don’t want to). No offense to anyone who does this, but I am not an avid “selfie” post person, or a “post-er” in general, so this will be the most difficult part.

The hard part will not be the working out, although summer vacations can sometimes be a distraction, it will be the posting I am supposed to do. I love to workout to stay in shape, but I PROMISE the main reason I workout is the MENTAL piece! When I don’t workout, I am a depressed, short-fused, cranky mom, wife, teacher, and friend-ask anyone! Working out and eating healthy (with some indulgences of course) is what works for me!

The Beachbody videos at my disposal, Shakeology, teaching bootcamp classes, and runs with friends, are what work for me. 🙂

So…if you are interested in some of my favorites send me a message. I currently just started 22 Minute Hard Corps and really like it, by the time I get going it’s over and I’m a sweaty mess. I have tried one workout series that I didn’t like (just not my thing), but about 5 that I do own and like!

There will be a fitness and nutrition prep group starting Tuesday (post holiday weekend) and then the workouts will start the 6th. For those of you not on Facebook there is also an app so you can participate in the Challenge….Hold yourself Accountable.

My Dad’s motto growing up for everything, as long as it was legal of course, “You’ll never know unless you try!” Try a challenge group to help get your nutrition on track and accountability for your workouts!

Message me with any questions…I have lots and continue to ask them to the person I go to with my questions.

Below is the website that you would go to .  If you want to try it there are a few options to help you save money…I think it’s a better option to sign up as a coach (you really don’t have to do anything if you don’t want to, there is no quota you need to meet and you get the discount…which is what I am doing)

The 22 Minutes Hard Corps is also $140 for the challenge pack; videos plus shake.  I can try explain some of the differences above if you are interested. Site URL –

Okay…so that’s it…about Beachbody!

The NEW SESSION started last Tuesday, May 24th and runs thru August 12th.  Punch Cards for the Summer (to allow for more flexibility):

12 classes= $145

15 classes=$165

18 classes= $175

21 classes= $190

Hope to see everyone at class or at the Train Crawl!

The Race Track
The Race Track


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