Slight Change in Schedule in July

Hi Everyone-

First, I want to let you know that there will be no class July 5th and July 8th.  Becca is going to a gymnastics camp in Tennessee and because I’m a freak and not 100% comfortable having her that far away, the rest of the family is going to make a little trip out of it ourselves…Smoky Mountains here we come!  I thought about Nashville, but I feel like it’s become a “mini” Vegas and there won’t be too much to do with the kids there.  If you have any suggestions (restaurants, rafting, hiking, etc) for Knoxville/Gatlinburg area, let me know, Jim’s not convinced on the idea yet (except for the AA Cubs team games I promised to go to, so I need to have the trip booked with fun outings)!

I will be adding on an additional week for your punch card usage in August to make up for the week in July, your punch card will go until August 19th.  So…there are still 7 weeks worth of punches left starting tomorrow….a possibility of 14 classes (remember no class August 2nd and 5th also).  Still time to join us with a 12 class punch card for $150.

Summer is flying by, especially going only twice a week.  I’m planning on a hill run next week for anyone interested.  Let’s plan on Wednesday, June 29th at 5:30 am.

SPRINTS:  Not sure what you are doing on your off days, but make sure you are moving.  A 20-30 minute walk is great, but I know that ALL of you can handle some sprints!  All you have to do is pick a lamppost, light, mailbox, driveway, etc and run from one to the next (you can even trick your husband into doing a few with you…trick him into a race!  Then, WALK the next driveway, light, etc.  to the following one.  Then, RUN/SPRINT, the next one!  Keep going!!  I see this workout in our future in the month of July, but I definitely think this is an awesome workout and feels great after the first few sprints.  The only problem with this is that it’s hard to have a conversation with your running buddy if you are giving it your all-(right Carrianne?)  I do love my long leisurely runs with the girls for my therapy sessions too!  All about balance!

I also realized that I will not be able to do this Beachbody Coaching thing the way they have it designed. I am going to continue as a coach because I still I get a discount, but I will not be posting on facebook the required 5 times per day (it’s just not me).  I’m going to offer a FREE challenge in July and see how we like it using an app that I get thru the program.   I have realized that I became a teacher because there is no way I could ever do sales.  I have looked at some of my very wealthy “business/sales” friends and  think, “I could do that!” Well, I CAN’T!!!  And….I am actually REALLY bad at it.   We are all made to do certain things….I’ve been blessed with the ability to TEACH….NOT SELL!

For those of you that have asked about Shakeology, here is the link. I do love the shake for numerous reasons, but I’m not going to go into all that….

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