It’s Been A While….See you on July 12th!

So….the 4th of July has come and gone and I feel like summer is already coming to an end!  I know it isn’t, but I always feel like the 4th is THE day/weekend of summer and it’s all downhill from here!  It’s a crazy summer for us, lots of traveling for baseball tournaments for the boys and a gymnastics camp for Becca so there has been little down time at home just hanging by the pool.  We figured out that Jim will never be home longer than 6 nights in a row before he leaves for another tourney or camp! I know what you are all thinking…you do it to yourselves!  You are soooo right!  However, we (or actually it’s really me, not everyone else) love to run around like a crazy person and be scheduled to the max, but as I get older I am realizing I just want to SLOW everything down.

Becca was at FlipFest in Tennessee so we made a family (well-minus Becca) vacation out of it.  We tried to fit in as many things as possible while we were there and we did good!

We went to the Lexington Legends game in Kentucky and stopped at the Blue Door Smokehouse (based on trip advisor it was the best BBQ around).  I was so pumped to go there….it was supposed to closed at 8 and we got there at 4 pm, plenty of time to eat some good BBQ!  When we pulled into the little shack below, the kids heads turned and Jim looked at me like I was nuts, they literally said, “This is where we are going!”! Turns out we were lucky enough to miss the line wrapped around the building, but the SAD news was that by the time we got there they were out of all meat except Brats.  I’m not a huge Brat Gal, but we went for it and they were awesome!  We can’t wait to go back next year for some pulled pork and chicken!smokehouse bb

We did get a great dessert at the Legends Ballpark! I bought the kids the “walkoff”.  The WALKOFF was 24 scoops of ice cream with candy toppings and chocolate sauce for $25.00.  Yep, sounds like a lot of money, but if I put each of us an ice cream treat it would have been $30.00 so I took the cheaper route!  the walk off

We climbed the Smokey Mountains, a 4 mile “strenuous” hike (2 miles up and 2 miles down).  I specifically asked what strenuous meant to the the ranger, and she explained some stairs, and boy she wasn’t kidding….I counted 400 stairs (I was trying to distract Emma on the way up so yes, I counted).  The stairs were after the 1.1 mile trek up the mountain that took 40 minutes alone. 5 of us on top

Another day,  the boys and I went Ziplining (we used Climbworks, expensive, but worth it)…it was AMAZING!  Emma and Jim went to DollyWood because Emma is too young and ziplining is not really Jim’s thing.  ryan climbing

laura climbing
I was terrified to let go with one hand!

pj climbing


We went white water rafting on Wednesday and had a great time.  With Emma we had to do the Lower Pigeon Forge Tour.  It was great with little kids, but I definitely want to go back and do the Upper Tour or do it in a “ducky”/inflatable kayak.

WORKOUT STUFF:  I sent some of you an email for a challenge that starts on July 11th.  It is FREE! I promise!! If you got the email, sign up (of course if you didn’t, email me or text me and I will send you a link)! This is a FREE Challege Group!!  The purpose is to help you stay on track for your current goals, start new goals, or get you back on track to a healthy and strong summer! This is my first time doing a challenge group! We all need a jump start after the 4th of July Holiday eating frenzy and I thought this would be good, easy, and FREE thing to do together.

I promise that it is FREE…I will talk about the benefits of shakeology and some of the beachbody workouts that I do at home throughout the 21 days.  I definitely think that the workouts are beneficial and I love the access I have to them while on vacation from my computer,  but I will NOT talk about it everyday and there will be more helpful tips and hints to help everyone in the group over the course of the challenge.

The Group starts July 11th! The sooner you get the app the sooner you will get notifications from me to help you plan for those 21 days and motivation from the team!!  You need the email link to register, so email me if you don’t have it.

Hope everyone is having a great summer!!

alligatorshrimp creole
Alligator/Chicken/Shrimp Creole!

Just a few more pictures of the vacation…..

jim's english lesson
Road trip with an English teacher as a dad! Emma is trying to follow along.

pj reading


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