It’s been a hot one….

This week was a sweaty one…no matter what you were doing!  If you were walking from car into the store or sitting on your deck….if you were outside you were sweating.  If you were at a workout this week, you were literally dripping with sweat and could have filled a bucket of sweat!

On the Challenge App that I started the past few weeks we have been holding each other accountable, offering motivation, a few workout videos, and sharing recipes.  If you didn’t join us this time…join us in the fall for the “Back to School” Challenge….more info to follow.

Speaking of back to school, I have attached a Google Form for you to fill out for me. Unfortunately, I start back to school on August 11th and I would like to get your input and try to meet as many needs or wants as possible.  The big debate is 2 or 3 days per week.  Thanks!  Just click on the link below.

There will be NO CLASS on 8/2 for sure (Vegas) and I will keep you posted about Friday, August 5th.  We may be in town so if I am then I will have class.  🙂




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