A first in 4 years….and 1/2 off Spouses/Newbies!

It was a FIRST in four years…I did the unbelievable….I overslept…hopefully that is the only one for another 4 years!  I still can’t believe it, it is such an awful feeling.  There have been times when I have had to take something to help me sleep because I am so worried about oversleeping and missing class.  Well, I figured out what happened….I never set my alarm because I was still recovering from our trip to Vegas and fell asleep before setting it.

The next session will start August 23rd…with a vote of 55% to 46% we are going to go with the punch card option.  There will be a TOTAL of 24 classes over the 8 weeks from August 23rd-October 14th.  Also, based on the results of the poll….classes will be on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday!

So the following payment options are available…..                                                24 classes=$230.00  (this means you are coming 3 times per week)                    21  classes= $205.00 (you are really trying to come 3 times per week)                18 classes= $185.00    (you are coming 2x/week with a couple extra)                  15  classes= $170.00 (you are coming 2x/week every week with one off day)  12 classes= $145.00 (you are coming 1x/week for sure with a few 2x a week)

The BEST part is that your spouse/friend/newbie to No Excuses is HALF OFF this session.  Yep, anyone that is new to No Excuses will get half off any of these punch card prices!  They can pick any punch card option for half off!!!

Class tomorrow, Tuesday, August 9th and Friday, August 11th!  Following week…Tuesday, August 16th and Friday, August 19th before the NEW Session August 23rd!

PS…tried to post some pictures, but my computer is being a PITA and want to get this out…..

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