Here we go….1/2 off Newbies and Spouses & CHALLENGE!!

Most of us are going to the ground running this week, getting the kids off to school, starting back at work, soccer, cheer, and football practices back in full swing….so let’s get ourselves back in a routine now!  I promise that once you get back in the habit of coming to class and getting it over with you won’t regret it…..morning workout

I’ve been back to school for 7 days, 5 full days with students and feel like I got hit by a truck!  This summer I felt like a taxi driver and now I feel like a circus entertainer!    There are a few kids that are definitely going to give me a run for my money, but the positive is that it makes the days a little more entertaining and they go by super fast! I have decided that I need to start journaling about my school day so that I can write a book when I retire…. I’ve got some CRAZY stories! workout-posters-exercise-clothes

Classes for the next 8 weeks start Tuesday, August 23rd!  Class times are 5:15-6:00!  Feel free to leave when you need to leave…I plan most of the workouts to end at 6:00 and then we do some abs and stretching!

24 classes=$230.00 (this means you are coming 3 times per week)

21 classes= $205.00 (you are really trying to come 3 times per week)

18 classes= $185.00 (you are coming 2x/week with a couple extra)

15 classes= $170.00 (you are coming 2x/week every week with one off day)

12 classes= $145.00 (you are coming 1x/week for sure with a few 2x a week)


WEIGHT LOSS CHALLENGE (any way you want to do it- low carb, no carb, 21 day fix, count calories, use fitness pal, even report to me what you eat on a daily basis) will begin….August 30th for 6 weeks. The last day to weigh in/out will be October 7th! The person with the HIGHEST weight loss percentage will win 50% off the next session starting October 18th! The second highest percentage will win 25% off and the third will earn 25% off the session fee! You will need to weigh in the week of August 30th on my scale (I’m the only one that sees the number) and weigh out on my scale!!  There is NO fee to join!scale 2


Those of you that have been coming to bootcamp for the past 4 years know that Jim (my husband) has made an appearance once and only once to class!  He hates to get up early and his school starts earlier than mine….but he has agreed to come at least once a week for the next session!  Jim usually works out to a T25 video in his classroom during a free period and he thinks he’s ready to give the class a try!  I have promised to not say anything to him (which is funny because I never single anyone out, but I think he thinks I’ll feel comfortable doing it to him).  You may notice I’m not telling any “Jim stories” its probably because he is in the back row and I have to wait until he’s not there!  😉

jim burger with mac and cheese


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