Where are you at? How do we size up?

Hi Guys- I wrote a post a while back for my challenge group  this summer and thought it would be good to share here!  Some of you are new to No Excuses and some have been with me for the long haul…going on 5 years!

Quote on the wall at the old place.....
Quote on the wall at the old place…..


We are all so different in so many ways, different jobs, different seasons of life, different ages, different sizes, yet come together at the wee hours of the morning to get stronger and healthier.  That being said, I know I have days when I up my weights, or days when I’m just not feeling it and need to go a little lighter, or days I just don’t even want to be there and kind of go thru the motions. Some of us have been up at night with sick kids, a busy work week, a sick parent, or a night out on the town and just aren’t feeling it.  We all have days when we are feeling AWESOME and days when each squat feels like 100!

There is one thing I HOPE and think we all have in common….we don’t compare ourselves to others. We all have different goals that we are working towards when it comes to working out, to stay strong, to lose a comparison-youfew pounds, to increase our endurance, to build a stronger core, to get more toned, to hang out with a group of awesome people, etc.  When we start to compare ourselves to what others can do we lose sight of why we are there….for OURSELVES!!


I am constantly on the internet looking for new workout ideas and videos and I follow a variety of fitness blogs.  There are so many different views on what a healthy lifestyle and body is and should be and I find value and important information in all of them.  Each fitness enthusiast/blogger/trainer wants everyone to be the best version of themselves, that is the goal.  That is what I want for you!


I want you to walk in at 5:15 in the morning and give me what you can give me that morning.  I get it, some days are your off days.  However, I want you to know that I notice…I notice that extra push up you did, I notice that you are doing a push-up on your toes and not your knees, I notice that you are going lower in your weighted squat or jumping higher on your x jump, I notice your butt is down on mountain climbers.  I see you!!  I’m watching you!roz

I have never been one to call you out, to be honest, it makes me uncomfortable, even on station day I don’t like it, but I want you to know that I do see you and I LOVE your commitment and effort each day!


I know it’s tempting, but we should never compare ourselves to someone else.  Your progress is YOUR progress.  What you get done in class is up to you, my class set up is you pushing yourself.  Some people need someone screaming at them to do more…you all just do more on your own!  That’s awesome!  Getting up at 4:45 in the morning to get your butt kicked is admirable and you should be PROUD!


I can’t believe it….there are only 6 more classes until the end of the session!  PUSH for the next two weeks, or the next 6 classes!  Can you make a change in the next 2 weeks for the better?!  If you think you can’t you are SOOOOO wrong!  Two weeks is a lot and there is a lot that you can do between now and then.  Set a goal for yourself for the next 2 weeks! Write it down!

Remember, the scale is not always your friend as you start to build muscle the scale will go up.  I have the perfect picture to demonstrate how muscle  weighs the same, but FAT takes up more SPACE.  oranges-fat

The last day of the Weight Loss Challenge is October 7th.  The person with the HIGHEST weight loss percentage will earn 50% off the next session starting October 18th! The second highest percentage will earn 25% off and the third will earn 25% off the session fee!

Yikes that was a long one….sorry about that…once I get going I can’t stop!

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