Maintain Don’t Gain….New Session Starts Next Week

Hi Guys-

I get it…I know the holiday season is here and  the parties are in full gear, but let’s keep on track with our health and fitness.   The other kicker about the holiday season is you are exhausted all the time… too! How do I know that YOU are exhausted already?  Well….classes have been a little light lately.  So….I am begging you, to commit to yourself this holiday season!  The last thing you want to be saying on January 2nd is, “Ugghhh, why did I eat that, it wasn’t even worth it?  Why didn’t I keep up with the workouts?”  There is a saying, “The only workout you ever regret is the one you didn’t do!”


When we are feeling tired we find every excuse to sleep in that extra 30 minutes.  I promise, the trick is turning off the television, or putting that book down, or turning off that light 30 minutes earlier and get 30 minutes of extra sleep the night before.   Taking a break from the exercise…is not the answer.

So…I’m going to help you and MOTIVATE you to come to class with…..

maintain don't gain 2

You will need to weigh in on Tuesday, December 13th or 14th.  You will weigh out on January 10th or 11th.  The goal is to not gain more than 2 pounds over the Holidays.  Our weight fluctuates from day to day so a 2 pound allowance seems appropriate.  I know that on certain days I can gain up to 5 pounds depending on the time of the month, what I ate the night before, and just life!  So….2 pounds is the lucky number!

IF you MAINTAIN over the course of the 4 weeks….you will earn $25 off the following session starting in February that will bring us to Spring Break!

This NEW SESSION starts Tuesday, December 13th- February 10th .  I know….Crazy.  The last session was from October 10th- December 9th…I can’t believe 8 weeks went so fast!  This session will have one week off….NO CLASS January 2nd-6th…I’ll be on vacation!

24 classes= $230.00

21 classes=$205.00

18 classes= $185.00

15 classes= $170.00

12 classes= $150.00

9 classes= $120.00

Walk-in: $15.00

MORE IMPORTANTLY….my Holiday Breakfast gift to you will be Friday, December 23rd right after class at Brunch Cafe in FRG!

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