Back at it….see you Tuesday, January 10th!!

Hi Everyone!!  I hope you enjoyed your week off and for some of you 2 weeks off…I sure did!  The cruise was AWESOME and I could have stayed on that ship for a few more days, although I am not sure my digestive system could have handled another french fry, steak, or ice cream. That doesn’t include all the chocolate, crab cakes, ice-cream, and vodka I also consumed!!  We had a lot of fun!  PJ and I even ran a 5k on Disney’s Castaway Cay!  I have not been running for a long time (just don’t like how my body feels after a run lately and my quads still hurt from a run 2 days ago)!!

Of course I couldn’t keep up with PJ….but I finished!

So…I’ve given you an extra week off, but now it’s TIME to put YOU FIRST in 2017!

No excuses….the kids are back in school, we are back to our routines and you NEED to start putting a little time into yourself.

I know it’s early, it’s early for me too!  On our off days, I sleep in (I used to get up and run on those days, but I have found that I need those few extra hours per week to give my body some BALANCE!)  I have found that the extra hour or hour and a half a couple times a week makes a HUGE difference!

I love food (i just ate enough for a month on the 5 day cruise), I love swedish fish and peanut m&m’s, I love French Fries and I LOVE vodka!

But, I am going to make sure I HAVE BALANCE!!!

I’ve been there….crying and frustrated in the dressing room, not wanting my picture taken, NO energy, no CONTROL over my eating!

I have found that a BALANCE of exercise, eating healthy most of the time (80/20), getting enough sleep (the kids are putting me to bed lately)  and having some fun (again, I like my vodka) is what works for ME!


I hear a lot of people say that they WISH they could get up that EARLY to work out!

I hear a lot of people say that they WISH they had TIME to work out!

I hear a lot of people say THOSE workouts are TOO HARD!

I hear people say they CAN’T AFFORD it!

I hear people say I’m TOO OLD for that kind of class!

I hear people say I JUST DON’T CARE how I look anymore!!

This is what I want to say to all those people and all those excuses…..

1- you CAN get up that EARLY, lay out your clothes the night before, set your alarm, go to bed by 10:30, and find a buddy and drag them with you………………..

2- you do have TIME, you have to MAKE time, we all make time for things that NEED to get done and working out should be one of them………………………………….

3- you are right, the workouts are HARD, they should be, if they were EASY there would be no point.  Start small, modify, and challenge yourself as you get stronger……………………………

4- you can AFFORD IT, it’s how you prioritize your Starbucks and your health…………………..

5- you are NOT too old……I want to say…OLD???? What is OLD?  There are people in class from 18-60 on any given day……………

6-you don’t care about how you look- you are LYING to yourself because you are too afraid to CHANGE and  put YOURSELF FIRST!!!

The excuses that have been building up in your head are just excuses and saying you are happy being overweight and out of shape is the biggest LIE and EXCUSE of them all!

Let me ask you this….in 2016 when you looked in the mirror did you say to yourself….”I look good, I’ve done a lot better, and I’ve worked hard!”

Or did you say, “Ugghhh….I need to get to the gym and start eating better.”

If you said the second, why not spend 2017 looking in the mirror and saying, “I worked hard today and I’m doing this in 2017!!”

We are about 3 weeks into the NEW SESSION, but anyone can JOIN at anytime.  

This NEW SESSION started Tuesday, December 13th- February 10th!  If you want to start Tuesday and come 3 times per week, then you would be at 15 classes for the next 5 weeks.  Pick your package!


15 classes= $170.00

12 classes= $150.00

9 classes= $120.00

Walk-in: $15.00

Also, the weigh in is this week for MAINTAIN DON’T GAIN..TUESDAY/WEDNESDAY!!  Stay within 2 pounds and you earn $25 off Spring Session!




Yep…I took a picture of this with my own camera….

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