New Session Starts Tuesday, April 25th






I can’t believe it…summer is coming and it is coming fast!  I only have 4 more full weeks of school, followed by a week of finals!  I just wish that the weather would be a little more cooperative, a few more sunny days and a few less icky days!

Thank you so much for the flexibility with the schedule the past few weeks.  I had an amazing time with the teenage boys in Disney, I would do it again tomorrow.  I’m already looking forward to going again with the twins!

So I think I figured out that we are going to do this next session as a 7 week session.  The dates will be April 25th- June 9th.

21 classes= $200 (21 classes, 3 days per week)

18 classes this session= $185 (18 classes, 2 days a week plus a few)

14 classes this session= $165 (this is your standard 2 days per wk)

9 classes this session= $125 (this is once a week with a random extra)


*Remember you can use your classes any way you like…if you want to come one day one week and three the next, totally up to you!

Coming soon…..Train Crawl Details and if interested a food diary to earn money off the summer session!!

This is an example of the link…it would be something like this, this is the rough draft.  Let me know if you are interested.

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