You earn $1 a day…..Everyday=$30 at end of 21 days!

So…I talked about a food diary and want to figure out who is interested in doing so.  This will start next week!  This will be FREE!   It will include weekly feedback from me and some suggestions to help tweak your eating habits.  I’m going to share a google form with you that you will NEED to fill out on a daily basis.  The dates to track your food log will be from May 1st- May 21st.  For every day that you track your food you will earn $1 off the summer session…if you track it each day, turn it in by midnight each night, and fill out the sheet completely.  If you do it everyday you will earn $30!  I’m sure there will be lots of questions so feel free to text or email me.

I’m also sharing a tally sheet for you to keep track with a 21 day fix tool if you prefer to try that.  I know I have shared this model with you before, but I PROMISE this will help you monitor portion control.  If you choose to use the editable 21 day fix over the google form that is GREAT, but you will need to email or print your tally sheets to me.

Click here for the google form: Food Diary

Below shows you how to calculate how many calories you require so you you can figure out how much of each food category you can eat.  I have a lot more information on this if this is what you are going to follow.

21 Day Fix Tally Sheets

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