I lasted about 5 hours….Summer Session Starts Tomorrow!

Mine lasted 5 hours…

So…Last Tuesday I thought I would start a 3 day cleanse that Beachbody RAVES about, all these people dropping 3-8 pounds and 3-10 inches in a quick 3 days.  They also have a 21 day one, but I thought I would give the 3 day one a shot….NOPE!  I had it planned perfectly, I was trying to get into Wisconsin Dells bathing suit shape!  Epic Fail!    IT was miserable.  I am not someone who can drink their calories!  The drinks did NOT taste bad, I will actually save them for snacks in the future, but the FIBER SWEEP was absolutely disgusting….imagine drinking cold grits with a hint of lemon.  YUCK!!  Sorry, Beachbody…I won’t be pushing that item!

Coffee at 5pm…Instant gratification from just the smell!
I quit at 5:00 pm, eating at 5:01 pm–Ahhhhh!

I LOVE FOOD!!! I love to chew my food!!  I usually eat about 3,000 calories a day…2,000 on a “I’m watching what I eat” type of day.  I’m also not being totally honest, not only do I love food, I NEED food,  BUT I LOVE AND NEED COFFEE even more than food!!  I don’t know about you, but the act of sipping my coffee in the morning puts me at ease, I find the act of drinking a cup of coffee relaxing.  I don’t even know if the caffeine has the effect that it should, I can drink it at night and still fall asleep, so give me a placebo (decaf coffee) and it will have the same reaction in my body….PEACE!!

So, if you can’t tell I DO NOT think that cleanses are a good idea!  If you like them, more power to ya…they are not for me!!


SUMMER SESSION FEES:   18 classes = $185; 17 classes=$175; 16 classes= $168; 15 classes = $158;    14 classes = $155;     13 classes = $145; 12 classes = $140; 11 classes = $125;                                10 classes = $120; 9 classes = $110       8 classes = $105; 7 classes = $95; 6 classes = $85;        5 classes = $70

Also, if you are interested in 5:30 am Hill Runs, please let me know and I will put you on the text chain….

See you tomorrow!!



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