I held out for a LONG time….FALL back into a routine!

Beware..this is long….I’m in a meeting and writing and rambling…and as DW says, no one reads these blog posts anyway-the important stuff is at the bottom about session dates!

I LOVE summer!  I love the sun, the heat, the food, the drinks, and the I definitely LOVE the fact that I don’t have to go to work!  I  set my alarm 2 days per week!  The only problem with summer is that I don’t have a schedule or routine  and my “somewhat decent” eating habits go out the window!  Being a high school teacher, I am on the bell schedule and almost everyday is the exact same.  I eat my breakfast and coffee on the way to work, drink my shake during second hour, snack after fourth hour, lunch sixth hour, and eat a snack on the ride home!  I eat A LOT during the work day, but my food for the week is portioned and scheduled…NOT SO MUCH DURING SUMMER!

At the beginning of the summer…until about June 1st, I was weighing myself on a daily basis. You know what happens with your weight, it changes all the time, I can fluctuate five pounds from day to day.  I did NOT like the number that I saw so I decided then that I was NOT going to weigh myself this summer.  That notion held true until recently…. when I had to go in for a physical.  I swear the worst scale is a doctor’s scale (am I the only one that feels this way?)!

I went the entire month of June and the month of July not getting on the scale.  I knew I had gained a few pounds this summer and  I was okay with the weight gain…. most of the time.  I say “most of the time” because the extra “fluff” doesn’t seem to bother me until I know I’m going to run into a “frenemy”.

A “frenemy”, we all have them, those people that act like they are your friends, the ones who say how great you look to your face and then after they walk away they talk about how much weight you’ve gained, the wrinkles by your eyes or on your forehead, etc.   My brain starts to work overtime during these moments…. I start cursing myself for not weighing myself all summer, for NOT making better food choices, and I want to go back and not drink that IPA beer that tasted so awesome (it should have been a light..or vodka) or eat that DAMN cookie dough!  My mind starts racing with negative thoughts and I start saying stupid things that make me have low self-esteem and make me feel ugly.  Don’t get me wrong,  this has really only happened maybe 3 times this summer (as I’ve gotten older, I’ve decided to lessen my time with “frenemies” and hang out with people that love me ALL the time) and the mental breakdown only lasts for a few minutes, but it is still NOT fun.

Then, I remember, I’ve had an AWESOME summer! I’ve worked out almost everyday in some form.  I’ve kept my body active by taking long walks to Starbucks with friends.  I’ve enjoyed cocktails on my unfinished (never ending project) deck.  I’ve enjoyed dinners out with friends and family.  I’ve enjoyed festive parties with fabulous treats.  It’s been a GREAT summer!

Now that August 10th is here, I am on a schedule (I actually started August 1st!).  I am starting to reign in some of the bad eating habits (chips, cookie dough, etc) now, I like to do things a little more gradual than hard core!  I’m getting back to my 80/20 plan rather than a 50/50 plan I had this summer!

I know everyone says it, but I’m saying it anyway…. Summer went way too fast….again!!  I hate this!    I have LOVED being home with my kiddos this summer!  I am not sure why, but my kids are at this crazy age where it’s SUPER fun!! Maybe all the stages are fun, but I think our kids kind of like us right now and enjoy spending time with us…so that’s what we did, nothing big and awesome, just hung out…a lot….oh and got a PUPPY–meet Zoey!!


I sure hope all of you had a great summer also!  I loved seeing a lot of your faces this summer at workouts and look forward to FALL….ING back into a routine with all of you!

The Fall Session will start Tuesday, August 22nd!  

We start at 5:15 am and are done right around 6:05 am….leave when you have to leave!

We are going to have class on Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday—same schedule as last year!

The session will go from Tuesday, August 22nd- Friday, October 6th.  You can choose your package that suits your goals for the fall session!

3 days Per Week= $200

2 days Per Week= $165

1 day Per Week= $95

Walk-Ins = $15 per class


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