Time Flies…new session already!!

Agghhh…..I am a mom of a freshman in high school and time is flying way too fast!  As time flies Ryan it is becoming more and more independent and with that I am having to let go of more and more control.  I know you all get it, some of you have kids that have graduated high school and college and can all still remember the day you brought him or her home from the hospital.  How did this happen?  I can NOT do this!  I don’t like this at all!  I want to stop the clock!!

As time flies, the list of excuses of why we aren’t working out continues to get longer.  Believe me, I’ve heard them all and I can probably relate to them all, but I’ve got to say that this group is pushing through all the excuses…attendance has been really good.

Can you believe that this next session brings us to Thanksgiving….oh my gosh!  I didn’t even realize that we had grinded out 21 workouts over the past 7 weeks!  Did you know that there are 6 Fridays until Thanksgiving and only 11 Fridays until Christmas?!?  What does that mean to us?  Well, that means we’ve got to make sure we focus on ourselves, keep yourself a priority, as we head into the holiday  season.  The holidays are so crazy that it is easy to make excuses, I want to make sure we put the work in at each class, eat clean (80% of the time of course), and get good sleep!

New Session-October 10th- November 24th

3 days per week- $200

2 days per week- $165

1 day per week- $95

Walk-Ins- $15


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