New Session- More Days!! Bring on warmer weather!

Well, it’s a go…the new session starts next week!  However, there is one little hiccup….we are going to go Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday the first week….and then every other week we will go Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday!

So, the day after the Super Bowl we will be having a workout…this may help to prevent some overeating and overindulging as you watch the big game.  On Friday, I have to be in Milwaukee for a gymnastics meet by 7:30 am….not enough time to workout on Friday, February 9th.

Remember, get a friend to sign up and commit for the new session and you both get 25% off!

Session Fees for February 5th-March 23rd:

4 days- $240

3 days- $200

2 days- $165

1 day- $95

Walkin- $15.00/class

There will be NO class the week of March 26th-30th!  Enjoy the break….



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