April/May Session Enjoy your time off!!

So…I am loving the 4 days per week option…it gets my butt out of bed and then I get a lot more work done at school, no more sweaty teaching.  I am also hearing that you guys like the option of an extra day to give you a little more flexibility in your schedule as well.  So, the 4 days per week will continue for the next session as well, it will go Tuesday-Friday again, except for one week, we will go Monday-Thursday, April 30-May 3rd.

The next session dates will start Tuesday, April 3rd-May 25th.  It will be an EXTRA week long….8 weeks rather than the typical 7 weeks.  I am planning on taking the week of May 29th- June 1st off, but that is still up in the air so we may start the summer session that week, I’ll keep you posted.

4 days per week = $265

3 days per week = $230

2 days per week = $190

walk in= $15 per class

Have a great Spring Break!

See you April 3rd!


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