Summer Session June, July, August

So….this summer we are going to have class 3 days per week.  I am going to teach on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. I may throw some extra days in there, but I can’t be sure with the baseball schedules if I’ll be able to do Fridays….. and I HATE Mondays!  

This next session will be for the entire summer, all of June, all of July, and all of August. There is a total of 12 weeks…36 classes if calculated out. I already know that there will be NO class on Wednesday, July 4th, Thursday July 5th, Wednesday, July 18th and Thursday July 19th (Holiday weekend and baseball tourney).  So…I’m going to treat the summer like a 10 week session although you will get a couple extra days. I hope that makes sense! As of right now, as long as there are no conflicts (and I don’t plan a family vacation in the beginning of August) we will have 32 classes.   

The session will run from Tuesday, June 5th- August 31st.  We will re-evaluate the schedule in the Fall and add back in Fridays!  :).

The price breakdown will be:

Summer- 3 days Per Week- $330 (Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday)

Summer- 2 day Per Week- $270 (You Pick…you get 20 days)

Summer- 1 day Per Week- $150 (You Pick…you get 10 times)

***If your son or daughter would like to start coming to class please let me know…there have been a few kids talking about coming and I can either look at moving the time later and will adjust the fees for them! ***


Wednesday, July 4th

Thursday, July 5th

Wednesday, July 18th

Thursday, July 19th

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