About Me

IMG_3595My name is Laura Weaver and I am first and foremost a mother to four wonderful children and the wife to an amazingly supportive husband.  I am a special education teacher in Palatine where I teach a Life and Learning Strategies class to kids on the autism spectrum and Health classes.  Now, I can add certified fitness instructor (as of March 5th, 2014)and owner of No Excuses Fitness in Cary to the list.

I am new to the fitness world as an instructor, but have been running half marathons for a few years and recently ran my first marathon in 93 degree heat!  Yuk!  I have been a fitness instructor for ONE YEAR!!  This summer is my one year anniversary….yikes time flies!!  I have been a volleyball, basketball, and softball coach at the high school under-level and varsity level.  I have played Division I softball as a pitcher and also played at a junior college.  I am married to a varsity softball coach and the daughter of a former varsity football, basketball, and softball coach.  Both of my sisters have been coaches and their husbands are coaches.  We are a coaching family-a prerequisite prior to dating!!

To be honest, I hated running, but it became an outlet for me as I struggled with some of life’s obstacles that got thrown at me when I least expected them.  Some people see a therapist, my therapist is my running…and now working out at classes….it’s also WAY cheaper than a therapist.  Working out is a way for me to relieve some stress in my life….some time for me.  I have also been blessed with some great running partners who listen to me like a therapist!!

We spend spend lots of time at the soccer field, on the baseball diamond, on the basketball court, on the football field, at gymnastics….you get the point!  We are a sports family! Our family also loves to travel to Disney, we are known as “Disney Freaks”, and we always manage to squeeze a trip in!

One thought on “About Me

  1. Cathy Lindstrom Foley says:

    Wooo! Hoo! Love your logo “Strong is the new skinny!”. I was also very excited to see my recipie for pizza bites made with zucchini. So glad your husband liked these! Great way to pig out guilt-free! Thanks for the sage business advice, Laura. := )

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