Just a quick note….extra week added!

Hi Guys!  We are doing some intense workouts lately and I love that everyone is pushing themselves with their weights….I love it!

I just wanted to let you know that there will be NO class on Friday, March 10th…that is NEXT Friday.  THERE IS CLASS Friday, March 3rd, THIS Friday!!

There is also no class on Friday, April 14th, Easter weekend!

I am going to extend the session for an extra week for those of you that have paid the session fee (April18-21) for FREE to allow for makeups for those 2 days and just because I want to!  If you want to come all 3 days that week…great…it’s on me…if not no pressure!




Another Dare….New Session Next Week-$25 OFF

So….I gave you a dare a few weeks ago to put on your swimsuit and run around your house for a bit…did you do it?  Ha!  I didn’t either!

So…this dare is a little different!  A lot of people want to know how to get that “LEAN MUSCLE” and I have the answer.  If the LEAN MUSCLE is what you want you need to….UP YOUR WEIGHTS!

You need to push your weights up a little…if you are using 8’s, start using 10’s.  If you are using 5’s, go to 8’s.  I DARE YOU to push your body as hard as you can for the 45 minutes of class.  See what happens?  You are still going to get a GREAT workout staying with the same weights if you choose not to take the DARE.  I am dripping with sweat from a body-weight workout or light weight workout, BUT….if you WANT LEAN MUSCLE, you NEED to up your weights. Will you accept the DARE?

The NEW SESSION starts Tuesday, February 14, 2017-Wednesday, April 12, 2017.  (There will be NO class March 28, 29, 31, or April 14th). The last week of March is Spring Break and then April 14th (Good Friday)I will be out of town so we will go Tuesday (11th) and Wednesday (12th) that week.

23 classes= $220.00

21 classes=$205.00

18 classes= $190.00

15 classes= $175.00

12 classes= $150.00

9 classes= $125.00

Walk-in: $15.00


I dare you…..do you remember that game?

Truth, Dare, Double Dare….

I DARE YOU….go put your swimsuit on now…RIGHT NOW!

I DOUBLE DARE you NOT to have a glass of wine while you put on that swimsuit!

Yep…I’m guilty of drinking while I get ready to make myself feel better, everyone and everything looks better with alcohol (and it brings me back to my college days)!

Now, complete the DARE!  Put your swimsuit on and walk around in the house for an hour.  No cover-up, just you in your swimsuit in the house for an hour.

How do you FEEL?  (That’s the TRUTH part of the game.) Not, how do you look? Do you FEEL good in that swimsuit?  Besides the pale skin (which we all have in the middle of January unless you’ve invested in a good tanning lotion) are you comfortable in that swimsuit?  Will you stand in the first row or the back row for the picture?  Will you post that picture to Facebook?

IF you can say yes (minus the facebook picture…because only supermodels post swimsuit pictures to Facebook) to any of those questions, ignore the rest of this post and KEEP DOING WHAT YOU DO!!

IF the swimsuit experience did NOT go as well as you hoped, what are you going to do to CHANGE?  Is this how you want to FEEL come Spring Break or this summer on your family trip, or at the waterpark you have to go to with your son or daughter’s baseball team?

Now, is the time to make a CHANGE. NOW is the time to start your plan for the spring and summer.  This is not a 30 day or 60 day thing, this is a lifelong change!

A couple ways to start making a change (and I’m going to guess you know all of these…it’s not rocket science, it’s just a matter of DOING them):

1- Start adding in water to your diet, 1/2 of your body weight in ounces

2-Use a smaller plate/bowl (you can’t fit as much as you’d like on a small plate/bowl….my nemesis is cereal) and fill it with lots of COLOR!!  Fries and bread don’t have color….fruits and veggies do!!

3- Stop letting your child bake delicious treats that she doesn’t eat and you eat to make her feel good about her great baking skills (can you tell that is a MAJOR issue in my house).

4- Move, move, move that body!  I don’t care how you do it, but you need to move your body!

5- Find the balance so that you can enjoy the good things and feel good doing it!!


Session Fees for the rest of the session……

12 classes= $150.00

9 classes= $120.00

Walk-in: $15.00



Back at it….see you Tuesday, January 10th!!

Hi Everyone!!  I hope you enjoyed your week off and for some of you 2 weeks off…I sure did!  The cruise was AWESOME and I could have stayed on that ship for a few more days, although I am not sure my digestive system could have handled another french fry, steak, or ice cream. That doesn’t include all the chocolate, crab cakes, ice-cream, and vodka I also consumed!!  We had a lot of fun!  PJ and I even ran a 5k on Disney’s Castaway Cay!  I have not been running for a long time (just don’t like how my body feels after a run lately and my quads still hurt from a run 2 days ago)!!

Of course I couldn’t keep up with PJ….but I finished!

So…I’ve given you an extra week off, but now it’s TIME to put YOU FIRST in 2017!

No excuses….the kids are back in school, we are back to our routines and you NEED to start putting a little time into yourself.

I know it’s early, it’s early for me too!  On our off days, I sleep in (I used to get up and run on those days, but I have found that I need those few extra hours per week to give my body some BALANCE!)  I have found that the extra hour or hour and a half a couple times a week makes a HUGE difference!

I love food (i just ate enough for a month on the 5 day cruise), I love swedish fish and peanut m&m’s, I love French Fries and I LOVE vodka!

But, I am going to make sure I HAVE BALANCE!!!

I’ve been there….crying and frustrated in the dressing room, not wanting my picture taken, NO energy, no CONTROL over my eating!

I have found that a BALANCE of exercise, eating healthy most of the time (80/20), getting enough sleep (the kids are putting me to bed lately)  and having some fun (again, I like my vodka) is what works for ME!


I hear a lot of people say that they WISH they could get up that EARLY to work out!

I hear a lot of people say that they WISH they had TIME to work out!

I hear a lot of people say THOSE workouts are TOO HARD!

I hear people say they CAN’T AFFORD it!

I hear people say I’m TOO OLD for that kind of class!

I hear people say I JUST DON’T CARE how I look anymore!!

This is what I want to say to all those people and all those excuses…..

1- you CAN get up that EARLY, lay out your clothes the night before, set your alarm, go to bed by 10:30, and find a buddy and drag them with you………………..

2- you do have TIME, you have to MAKE time, we all make time for things that NEED to get done and working out should be one of them………………………………….

3- you are right, the workouts are HARD, they should be, if they were EASY there would be no point.  Start small, modify, and challenge yourself as you get stronger……………………………

4- you can AFFORD IT, it’s how you prioritize your Starbucks and your health…………………..

5- you are NOT too old……I want to say…OLD???? What is OLD?  There are people in class from 18-60 on any given day……………

6-you don’t care about how you look- you are LYING to yourself because you are too afraid to CHANGE and  put YOURSELF FIRST!!!

The excuses that have been building up in your head are just excuses and saying you are happy being overweight and out of shape is the biggest LIE and EXCUSE of them all!

Let me ask you this….in 2016 when you looked in the mirror did you say to yourself….”I look good, I’ve done a lot better, and I’ve worked hard!”

Or did you say, “Ugghhh….I need to get to the gym and start eating better.”

If you said the second, why not spend 2017 looking in the mirror and saying, “I worked hard today and I’m doing this in 2017!!”

We are about 3 weeks into the NEW SESSION, but anyone can JOIN at anytime.  

This NEW SESSION started Tuesday, December 13th- February 10th!  If you want to start Tuesday and come 3 times per week, then you would be at 15 classes for the next 5 weeks.  Pick your package!


15 classes= $170.00

12 classes= $150.00

9 classes= $120.00

Walk-in: $15.00

Also, the weigh in is this week for MAINTAIN DON’T GAIN..TUESDAY/WEDNESDAY!!  Stay within 2 pounds and you earn $25 off Spring Session!




Yep…I took a picture of this with my own camera….

Maintain Don’t Gain….New Session Starts Next Week

Hi Guys-

I get it…I know the holiday season is here and  the parties are in full gear, but let’s keep on track with our health and fitness.   The other kicker about the holiday season is you are exhausted all the time…..me too! How do I know that YOU are exhausted already?  Well….classes have been a little light lately.  So….I am begging you, to commit to yourself this holiday season!  The last thing you want to be saying on January 2nd is, “Ugghhh, why did I eat that, it wasn’t even worth it?  Why didn’t I keep up with the workouts?”  There is a saying, “The only workout you ever regret is the one you didn’t do!”


When we are feeling tired we find every excuse to sleep in that extra 30 minutes.  I promise, the trick is turning off the television, or putting that book down, or turning off that light 30 minutes earlier and get 30 minutes of extra sleep the night before.   Taking a break from the exercise…is not the answer.

So…I’m going to help you and MOTIVATE you to come to class with…..

maintain don't gain 2

You will need to weigh in on Tuesday, December 13th or 14th.  You will weigh out on January 10th or 11th.  The goal is to not gain more than 2 pounds over the Holidays.  Our weight fluctuates from day to day so a 2 pound allowance seems appropriate.  I know that on certain days I can gain up to 5 pounds depending on the time of the month, what I ate the night before, and just life!  So….2 pounds is the lucky number!

IF you MAINTAIN over the course of the 4 weeks….you will earn $25 off the following session starting in February that will bring us to Spring Break!

This NEW SESSION starts Tuesday, December 13th- February 10th .  I know….Crazy.  The last session was from October 10th- December 9th…I can’t believe 8 weeks went so fast!  This session will have one week off….NO CLASS January 2nd-6th…I’ll be on vacation!

24 classes= $230.00

21 classes=$205.00

18 classes= $185.00

15 classes= $170.00

12 classes= $150.00

9 classes= $120.00

Walk-in: $15.00

MORE IMPORTANTLY….my Holiday Breakfast gift to you will be Friday, December 23rd right after class at Brunch Cafe in FRG!

Halloween Monday….WORKOUT Tuesday!!!

It is a CUBS PARTY filled weekend, which means lots of drinking and lots of eating.  To top it off….we get HALLOWEEN!  I don’t know about all of you, but I am exhausted!  I am not sure if it’s the adrenaline rushes from the games, the work week, or just old age.  I swear, I can’t make it past 8:30 pm anymore.  I was out until midnight on Saturday and it has taken me all week to recover.  On Tuesday, I’m expecting either a packed class because we need to burn off all the extra calories or a very small class because you can’t get out of bed.  cubs-j

I have a question for all of you mom’s out there…is it just me that sucks up at least a couple times a week or do the rest of you have sucky mom days?!?  Unfortunately, for Emma I am having more and more of them and she is the one that keeps getting the short end of the stick.  Last week I failed miserably…I forgot Scarecrow day for her kindergarten class.  My heart just broke for Emma.  I had been saving, in my overstuffed linen closet full of sheets, medicines, portable sewing kits, and blankets, the scarecrow costume supplies that the twins had worn so I could use them for Emma.  So…if you are following this correctly, since Emma was 3 months old I have been saving the scarecrow patches, hat, flannel, straw, jeans, and boots for Emma to wear 5 years later!!!! EPIC FAIL!!!  I actually think that I said in bootcamp that Friday morning that I can’t remember anything these days….these screw-ups are actually starting to scare me a little bit!

Please tell me others have days like this.  Please tell me I’m not the only one.  Please tell me you have screwed up before.  Please tell me you forgotten to do something for your child on more than one occasion….forgot them at a practice, forgot to bring them to practice, forgot to get their band instrument on time, ordered the wrong instrument, forgot to wash their uniform, left their uniform in the wash and it was soaking wet, bleached their socks, kept their cup in your purse, forgot to give your child a bath, forgot to get them snow boots for the first snow, missed a game….something?    PLEASE tell me I’m not alone!  I sure hope I’m not alone!  Actually, who am I kidding….I know we all screw up….I just share my screw-ups with the world and you know I can’t hide my emotions (unfortunately)!!


Just a friendly reminder that the new 8 week session has started….session fees below.

24 classes= $230.00

21 classes=$205.00

18 classes= $185.00

15 classes= $170.00


This is it…last week of Back To School Session

I can’t believe 8 weeks have come and gone already!  We have a new session starting next week, Tuesday, October 18th.  The Weight Loss Challenge that was supposed to end last week is going an extra week…pack those veggies and fruits for snacks.  It is that time of the year, football season is in full gear, there is a chill in the air, the boots are out,  so chili is on the stove and cornbread is in the oven and Halloween candy is EVERYWHERE!!

candy workout chart

SO… I’m proposing 3 ideas for a healthier body for the next 8 week session! First, the talk in class has been apple cider vinegar, from hair wash to good for your body and I thought…why not…an Apple Cider Vinegar PUSH…we’ve got nothing to lose.  I figure, I am willing to do shots of Tito’s that taste like crap and make my body feel like crap (don’t worry mom, not many and not too often…oh yea…I’m 40, I’m allowed to make stupid decisions, but my mom does read this and I felt guilty bragging about Titos shots!) that I can put HALF a shot of something that is good into my body for a few weeks and see how it goes!

A 1/2 of a shot!

Second, eat breakfast!  Coffee for breakfast does NOT count!  Breakfast at 10:30 am  doesn’t count either if you have been up for 5 hours!   You have done the hard part….you got up at 4:30 in the morning and pushed your body to the MAX, now you have to reward your body and you will see results.  Give your body what it needs!  So many of us (yes, I am included in this) are putting our bodies at a disadvantage by not going home and eating something post-workout.  Ideas include: hard boiled egg, toast with peanut butter, oatmeal, smoothie or shake (of course I recommend shakeology), Jimmy Dean egg sandwich (250 calories and I swear I don’t get a kick back on these),  eggs-any way you like them and bacon….eat something.  Your body burns through cards and proteins much faster after the workout.

Third, WATER, WATER, and more WATER!  Let’s do water overload!! Instead of the minimum let’s go overboard (ha…how about that pun)!  I, personally, should drink 8 glasses of water per day and I am going to shoot for 12!  I think I have been getting in 6 glasses, so I need to up that a bit!  How many should you drink?




New Session- October 18th- December 9th— I pay you $1 each day you come to class the following session…that could be $24 off the next session!

24 classes=$230.00 (3x/week-you’ve got this down!)

21 classes= $205.00 (3x/wk with a couple sleep-ins)

18 classes= $185.00 (2x/week with a few extra in prep for vacay)

15 classes= $170.00 (2x/week every week with a sleep in)