I lasted about 5 hours….Summer Session Starts Tomorrow!

Mine lasted 5 hours…

So…Last Tuesday I thought I would start a 3 day cleanse that Beachbody RAVES about, all these people dropping 3-8 pounds and 3-10 inches in a quick 3 days.  They also have a 21 day one, but I thought I would give the 3 day one a shot….NOPE!  I had it planned perfectly, I was trying to get into Wisconsin Dells bathing suit shape!  Epic Fail!    IT was miserable.  I am not someone who can drink their calories!  The drinks did NOT taste bad, I will actually save them for snacks in the future, but the FIBER SWEEP was absolutely disgusting….imagine drinking cold grits with a hint of lemon.  YUCK!!  Sorry, Beachbody…I won’t be pushing that item!

Coffee at 5pm…Instant gratification from just the smell!
I quit at 5:00 pm, eating at 5:01 pm–Ahhhhh!

I LOVE FOOD!!! I love to chew my food!!  I usually eat about 3,000 calories a day…2,000 on a “I’m watching what I eat” type of day.  I’m also not being totally honest, not only do I love food, I NEED food,  BUT I LOVE AND NEED COFFEE even more than food!!  I don’t know about you, but the act of sipping my coffee in the morning puts me at ease, I find the act of drinking a cup of coffee relaxing.  I don’t even know if the caffeine has the effect that it should, I can drink it at night and still fall asleep, so give me a placebo (decaf coffee) and it will have the same reaction in my body….PEACE!!

So, if you can’t tell I DO NOT think that cleanses are a good idea!  If you like them, more power to ya…they are not for me!!


SUMMER SESSION FEES:   18 classes = $185; 17 classes=$175; 16 classes= $168; 15 classes = $158;    14 classes = $155;     13 classes = $145; 12 classes = $140; 11 classes = $125;                                10 classes = $120; 9 classes = $110       8 classes = $105; 7 classes = $95; 6 classes = $85;        5 classes = $70

Also, if you are interested in 5:30 am Hill Runs, please let me know and I will put you on the text chain….

See you tomorrow!!



Summer Session/ Shout Out!

Yuck!  What a crappy weekend, but at least the sun is shining today!  I can’t believe how fast this school year has gone and that summer is right around the corner!  I ALSO can’t believe that it has been 5 years since I started this journey as a fitness instructor with all of you!  Thank you!  Thank you for your loyalty, patience, kindness, and TRUST!  It’s been so fun to workout with all of you in the morning!

As we get ready for the summer, I thought I would change it up again!  We are going to go Tuesdays and Thursdays this summer!  I LOVE sleeping in on Mondays and I feel like Fridays are going to be a little crazy with Baseball tournaments this summer and a getaway day for any vacation people!   So, the schedule will be Tuesdays and Thursdays at 5:15 am.  IF I am in town we will do some of the FREE FUN HILL RUNS on Fridays.  I am not 100% sure, but we are tentatively planning on going out of town July 23-30th. If we stay in town, then I will probably have class that week.  If something changes regarding vacations I will let you know as soon as I know something.   🙂

So….I thought I would give you the pricing options for the 10 week session by calendar weeks, but really 9 weeks because I may be out of town.  There will be a TOTAL of at least 18 classes between June 13- August 18th.  You can look at your summer schedule and decide how many classes that you will be able to make based on all your ” summer activities”.

SESSION FEES:   18 classes = $185; 17 classes=$175; 16 classes= $168; 15 classes = $158;    14 classes = $155;     13 classes = $145; 12 classes = $140; 11 classes = $125;                                10 classes = $120; 9 classes = $110       8 classes = $105; 7 classes = $95; 6 classes = $85;        5 classes = $70

Let me know if you have any questions!

Also, a SHOUT OUT to Margie, GraceAnn, Debbie, and Courtney for participating in the Food Log diary for 21 days straight!  They have each earned $30 off the summer session fee!




You earn $1 a day…..Everyday=$30 at end of 21 days!

So…I talked about a food diary and want to figure out who is interested in doing so.  This will start next week!  This will be FREE!   It will include weekly feedback from me and some suggestions to help tweak your eating habits.  I’m going to share a google form with you that you will NEED to fill out on a daily basis.  The dates to track your food log will be from May 1st- May 21st.  For every day that you track your food you will earn $1 off the summer session…if you track it each day, turn it in by midnight each night, and fill out the sheet completely.  If you do it everyday you will earn $30!  I’m sure there will be lots of questions so feel free to text or email me.

I’m also sharing a tally sheet for you to keep track with a 21 day fix tool if you prefer to try that.  I know I have shared this model with you before, but I PROMISE this will help you monitor portion control.  If you choose to use the editable 21 day fix over the google form that is GREAT, but you will need to email or print your tally sheets to me.

Click here for the google form: Food Diary

Below shows you how to calculate how many calories you require so you you can figure out how much of each food category you can eat.  I have a lot more information on this if this is what you are going to follow.

21 Day Fix Tally Sheets

New Session Starts Tuesday, April 25th






I can’t believe it…summer is coming and it is coming fast!  I only have 4 more full weeks of school, followed by a week of finals!  I just wish that the weather would be a little more cooperative, a few more sunny days and a few less icky days!

Thank you so much for the flexibility with the schedule the past few weeks.  I had an amazing time with the teenage boys in Disney, I would do it again tomorrow.  I’m already looking forward to going again with the twins!

So I think I figured out that we are going to do this next session as a 7 week session.  The dates will be April 25th- June 9th.

21 classes= $200 (21 classes, 3 days per week)

18 classes this session= $185 (18 classes, 2 days a week plus a few)

14 classes this session= $165 (this is your standard 2 days per wk)

9 classes this session= $125 (this is once a week with a random extra)


*Remember you can use your classes any way you like…if you want to come one day one week and three the next, totally up to you!

Coming soon…..Train Crawl Details and if interested a food diary to earn money off the summer session!!

This is an example of the link…it would be something like this, this is the rough draft.  Let me know if you are interested.


We’re Back…See you in the Morning!

Hi Everyone!

We have class this week on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday.  We have class next week ONLY Tuesday and Wednesday, no class on Good Friday…not because of the Holy Day, but I will be in Disney with 4 teenage boys!

I know it’s been a little crazy the past few weeks…that is why I extended the session an extra week for FREE…April 18, 19, and 21st. The next session will not start until April 25th…it was originally supposed to start the 18th (for those of you that keep track).

I am going to make this next spring session a shorter session and then follow it up with a summer session.  I haven’t quite figured out how the schedule will look this summer….so I am open to suggestions if you have any.    


Just a quick note….extra week added!

Hi Guys!  We are doing some intense workouts lately and I love that everyone is pushing themselves with their weights….I love it!

I just wanted to let you know that there will be NO class on Friday, March 10th…that is NEXT Friday.  THERE IS CLASS Friday, March 3rd, THIS Friday!!

There is also no class on Friday, April 14th, Easter weekend!

I am going to extend the session for an extra week for those of you that have paid the session fee (April18-21) for FREE to allow for makeups for those 2 days and just because I want to!  If you want to come all 3 days that week…great…it’s on me…if not no pressure!



Another Dare….New Session Next Week-$25 OFF

So….I gave you a dare a few weeks ago to put on your swimsuit and run around your house for a bit…did you do it?  Ha!  I didn’t either!

So…this dare is a little different!  A lot of people want to know how to get that “LEAN MUSCLE” and I have the answer.  If the LEAN MUSCLE is what you want you need to….UP YOUR WEIGHTS!

You need to push your weights up a little…if you are using 8’s, start using 10’s.  If you are using 5’s, go to 8’s.  I DARE YOU to push your body as hard as you can for the 45 minutes of class.  See what happens?  You are still going to get a GREAT workout staying with the same weights if you choose not to take the DARE.  I am dripping with sweat from a body-weight workout or light weight workout, BUT….if you WANT LEAN MUSCLE, you NEED to up your weights. Will you accept the DARE?

The NEW SESSION starts Tuesday, February 14, 2017-Wednesday, April 12, 2017.  (There will be NO class March 28, 29, 31, or April 14th). The last week of March is Spring Break and then April 14th (Good Friday)I will be out of town so we will go Tuesday (11th) and Wednesday (12th) that week.

23 classes= $220.00

21 classes=$205.00

18 classes= $190.00

15 classes= $175.00

12 classes= $150.00

9 classes= $125.00

Walk-in: $15.00


I dare you…..do you remember that game?

Truth, Dare, Double Dare….

I DARE YOU….go put your swimsuit on now…RIGHT NOW!

I DOUBLE DARE you NOT to have a glass of wine while you put on that swimsuit!

Yep…I’m guilty of drinking while I get ready to make myself feel better, everyone and everything looks better with alcohol (and it brings me back to my college days)!

Now, complete the DARE!  Put your swimsuit on and walk around in the house for an hour.  No cover-up, just you in your swimsuit in the house for an hour.

How do you FEEL?  (That’s the TRUTH part of the game.) Not, how do you look? Do you FEEL good in that swimsuit?  Besides the pale skin (which we all have in the middle of January unless you’ve invested in a good tanning lotion) are you comfortable in that swimsuit?  Will you stand in the first row or the back row for the picture?  Will you post that picture to Facebook?

IF you can say yes (minus the facebook picture…because only supermodels post swimsuit pictures to Facebook) to any of those questions, ignore the rest of this post and KEEP DOING WHAT YOU DO!!

IF the swimsuit experience did NOT go as well as you hoped, what are you going to do to CHANGE?  Is this how you want to FEEL come Spring Break or this summer on your family trip, or at the waterpark you have to go to with your son or daughter’s baseball team?

Now, is the time to make a CHANGE. NOW is the time to start your plan for the spring and summer.  This is not a 30 day or 60 day thing, this is a lifelong change!

A couple ways to start making a change (and I’m going to guess you know all of these…it’s not rocket science, it’s just a matter of DOING them):

1- Start adding in water to your diet, 1/2 of your body weight in ounces

2-Use a smaller plate/bowl (you can’t fit as much as you’d like on a small plate/bowl….my nemesis is cereal) and fill it with lots of COLOR!!  Fries and bread don’t have color….fruits and veggies do!!

3- Stop letting your child bake delicious treats that she doesn’t eat and you eat to make her feel good about her great baking skills (can you tell that is a MAJOR issue in my house).

4- Move, move, move that body!  I don’t care how you do it, but you need to move your body!

5- Find the balance so that you can enjoy the good things and feel good doing it!!


Session Fees for the rest of the session……

12 classes= $150.00

9 classes= $120.00

Walk-in: $15.00



Back at it….see you Tuesday, January 10th!!

Hi Everyone!!  I hope you enjoyed your week off and for some of you 2 weeks off…I sure did!  The cruise was AWESOME and I could have stayed on that ship for a few more days, although I am not sure my digestive system could have handled another french fry, steak, or ice cream. That doesn’t include all the chocolate, crab cakes, ice-cream, and vodka I also consumed!!  We had a lot of fun!  PJ and I even ran a 5k on Disney’s Castaway Cay!  I have not been running for a long time (just don’t like how my body feels after a run lately and my quads still hurt from a run 2 days ago)!!

Of course I couldn’t keep up with PJ….but I finished!

So…I’ve given you an extra week off, but now it’s TIME to put YOU FIRST in 2017!

No excuses….the kids are back in school, we are back to our routines and you NEED to start putting a little time into yourself.

I know it’s early, it’s early for me too!  On our off days, I sleep in (I used to get up and run on those days, but I have found that I need those few extra hours per week to give my body some BALANCE!)  I have found that the extra hour or hour and a half a couple times a week makes a HUGE difference!

I love food (i just ate enough for a month on the 5 day cruise), I love swedish fish and peanut m&m’s, I love French Fries and I LOVE vodka!

But, I am going to make sure I HAVE BALANCE!!!

I’ve been there….crying and frustrated in the dressing room, not wanting my picture taken, NO energy, no CONTROL over my eating!

I have found that a BALANCE of exercise, eating healthy most of the time (80/20), getting enough sleep (the kids are putting me to bed lately)  and having some fun (again, I like my vodka) is what works for ME!


I hear a lot of people say that they WISH they could get up that EARLY to work out!

I hear a lot of people say that they WISH they had TIME to work out!

I hear a lot of people say THOSE workouts are TOO HARD!

I hear people say they CAN’T AFFORD it!

I hear people say I’m TOO OLD for that kind of class!

I hear people say I JUST DON’T CARE how I look anymore!!

This is what I want to say to all those people and all those excuses…..

1- you CAN get up that EARLY, lay out your clothes the night before, set your alarm, go to bed by 10:30, and find a buddy and drag them with you………………..

2- you do have TIME, you have to MAKE time, we all make time for things that NEED to get done and working out should be one of them………………………………….

3- you are right, the workouts are HARD, they should be, if they were EASY there would be no point.  Start small, modify, and challenge yourself as you get stronger……………………………

4- you can AFFORD IT, it’s how you prioritize your Starbucks and your health…………………..

5- you are NOT too old……I want to say…OLD???? What is OLD?  There are people in class from 18-60 on any given day……………

6-you don’t care about how you look- you are LYING to yourself because you are too afraid to CHANGE and  put YOURSELF FIRST!!!

The excuses that have been building up in your head are just excuses and saying you are happy being overweight and out of shape is the biggest LIE and EXCUSE of them all!

Let me ask you this….in 2016 when you looked in the mirror did you say to yourself….”I look good, I’ve done a lot better, and I’ve worked hard!”

Or did you say, “Ugghhh….I need to get to the gym and start eating better.”

If you said the second, why not spend 2017 looking in the mirror and saying, “I worked hard today and I’m doing this in 2017!!”

We are about 3 weeks into the NEW SESSION, but anyone can JOIN at anytime.  

This NEW SESSION started Tuesday, December 13th- February 10th!  If you want to start Tuesday and come 3 times per week, then you would be at 15 classes for the next 5 weeks.  Pick your package!


15 classes= $170.00

12 classes= $150.00

9 classes= $120.00

Walk-in: $15.00

Also, the weigh in is this week for MAINTAIN DON’T GAIN..TUESDAY/WEDNESDAY!!  Stay within 2 pounds and you earn $25 off Spring Session!




Yep…I took a picture of this with my own camera….