Halloween Monday….WORKOUT Tuesday!!!

It is a CUBS PARTY filled weekend, which means lots of drinking and lots of eating.  To top it off….we get HALLOWEEN!  I don’t know about all of you, but I am exhausted!  I am not sure if it’s the adrenaline rushes from the games, the work week, or just old age.  I swear, I can’t make it past 8:30 pm anymore.  I was out until midnight on Saturday and it has taken me all week to recover.  On Tuesday, I’m expecting either a packed class because we need to burn off all the extra calories or a very small class because you can’t get out of bed.  cubs-j

I have a question for all of you mom’s out there…is it just me that sucks up at least a couple times a week or do the rest of you have sucky mom days?!?  Unfortunately, for Emma I am having more and more of them and she is the one that keeps getting the short end of the stick.  Last week I failed miserably…I forgot Scarecrow day for her kindergarten class.  My heart just broke for Emma.  I had been saving, in my overstuffed linen closet full of sheets, medicines, portable sewing kits, and blankets, the scarecrow costume supplies that the twins had worn so I could use them for Emma.  So…if you are following this correctly, since Emma was 3 months old I have been saving the scarecrow patches, hat, flannel, straw, jeans, and boots for Emma to wear 5 years later!!!! EPIC FAIL!!!  I actually think that I said in bootcamp that Friday morning that I can’t remember anything these days….these screw-ups are actually starting to scare me a little bit!

Please tell me others have days like this.  Please tell me I’m not the only one.  Please tell me you have screwed up before.  Please tell me you forgotten to do something for your child on more than one occasion….forgot them at a practice, forgot to bring them to practice, forgot to get their band instrument on time, ordered the wrong instrument, forgot to wash their uniform, left their uniform in the wash and it was soaking wet, bleached their socks, kept their cup in your purse, forgot to give your child a bath, forgot to get them snow boots for the first snow, missed a game….something?    PLEASE tell me I’m not alone!  I sure hope I’m not alone!  Actually, who am I kidding….I know we all screw up….I just share my screw-ups with the world and you know I can’t hide my emotions (unfortunately)!!


Just a friendly reminder that the new 8 week session has started….session fees below.

24 classes= $230.00

21 classes=$205.00

18 classes= $185.00

15 classes= $170.00


This is it…last week of Back To School Session

I can’t believe 8 weeks have come and gone already!  We have a new session starting next week, Tuesday, October 18th.  The Weight Loss Challenge that was supposed to end last week is going an extra week…pack those veggies and fruits for snacks.  It is that time of the year, football season is in full gear, there is a chill in the air, the boots are out,  so chili is on the stove and cornbread is in the oven and Halloween candy is EVERYWHERE!!

candy workout chart

SO… I’m proposing 3 ideas for a healthier body for the next 8 week session! First, the talk in class has been apple cider vinegar, from hair wash to good for your body and I thought…why not…an Apple Cider Vinegar PUSH…we’ve got nothing to lose.  I figure, I am willing to do shots of Tito’s that taste like crap and make my body feel like crap (don’t worry mom, not many and not too often…oh yea…I’m 40, I’m allowed to make stupid decisions, but my mom does read this and I felt guilty bragging about Titos shots!) that I can put HALF a shot of something that is good into my body for a few weeks and see how it goes!

A 1/2 of a shot!

Second, eat breakfast!  Coffee for breakfast does NOT count!  Breakfast at 10:30 am  doesn’t count either if you have been up for 5 hours!   You have done the hard part….you got up at 4:30 in the morning and pushed your body to the MAX, now you have to reward your body and you will see results.  Give your body what it needs!  So many of us (yes, I am included in this) are putting our bodies at a disadvantage by not going home and eating something post-workout.  Ideas include: hard boiled egg, toast with peanut butter, oatmeal, smoothie or shake (of course I recommend shakeology), Jimmy Dean egg sandwich (250 calories and I swear I don’t get a kick back on these),  eggs-any way you like them and bacon….eat something.  Your body burns through cards and proteins much faster after the workout.

Third, WATER, WATER, and more WATER!  Let’s do water overload!! Instead of the minimum let’s go overboard (ha…how about that pun)!  I, personally, should drink 8 glasses of water per day and I am going to shoot for 12!  I think I have been getting in 6 glasses, so I need to up that a bit!  How many should you drink?




New Session- October 18th- December 9th— I pay you $1 each day you come to class the following session…that could be $24 off the next session!

24 classes=$230.00 (3x/week-you’ve got this down!)

21 classes= $205.00 (3x/wk with a couple sleep-ins)

18 classes= $185.00 (2x/week with a few extra in prep for vacay)

15 classes= $170.00 (2x/week every week with a sleep in)


Where are you at? How do we size up?

Hi Guys- I wrote a post a while back for my challenge group  this summer and thought it would be good to share here!  Some of you are new to No Excuses and some have been with me for the long haul…going on 5 years!

Quote on the wall at the old place.....
Quote on the wall at the old place…..


We are all so different in so many ways, different jobs, different seasons of life, different ages, different sizes, yet come together at the wee hours of the morning to get stronger and healthier.  That being said, I know I have days when I up my weights, or days when I’m just not feeling it and need to go a little lighter, or days I just don’t even want to be there and kind of go thru the motions. Some of us have been up at night with sick kids, a busy work week, a sick parent, or a night out on the town and just aren’t feeling it.  We all have days when we are feeling AWESOME and days when each squat feels like 100!

There is one thing I HOPE and think we all have in common….we don’t compare ourselves to others. We all have different goals that we are working towards when it comes to working out, to stay strong, to lose a comparison-youfew pounds, to increase our endurance, to build a stronger core, to get more toned, to hang out with a group of awesome people, etc.  When we start to compare ourselves to what others can do we lose sight of why we are there….for OURSELVES!!


I am constantly on the internet looking for new workout ideas and videos and I follow a variety of fitness blogs.  There are so many different views on what a healthy lifestyle and body is and should be and I find value and important information in all of them.  Each fitness enthusiast/blogger/trainer wants everyone to be the best version of themselves, that is the goal.  That is what I want for you!


I want you to walk in at 5:15 in the morning and give me what you can give me that morning.  I get it, some days are your off days.  However, I want you to know that I notice…I notice that extra push up you did, I notice that you are doing a push-up on your toes and not your knees, I notice that you are going lower in your weighted squat or jumping higher on your x jump, I notice your butt is down on mountain climbers.  I see you!!  I’m watching you!roz

I have never been one to call you out, to be honest, it makes me uncomfortable, even on station day I don’t like it, but I want you to know that I do see you and I LOVE your commitment and effort each day!


I know it’s tempting, but we should never compare ourselves to someone else.  Your progress is YOUR progress.  What you get done in class is up to you, my class set up is you pushing yourself.  Some people need someone screaming at them to do more…you all just do more on your own!  That’s awesome!  Getting up at 4:45 in the morning to get your butt kicked is admirable and you should be PROUD!


I can’t believe it….there are only 6 more classes until the end of the session!  PUSH for the next two weeks, or the next 6 classes!  Can you make a change in the next 2 weeks for the better?!  If you think you can’t you are SOOOOO wrong!  Two weeks is a lot and there is a lot that you can do between now and then.  Set a goal for yourself for the next 2 weeks! Write it down!

Remember, the scale is not always your friend as you start to build muscle the scale will go up.  I have the perfect picture to demonstrate how muscle  weighs the same, but FAT takes up more SPACE.  oranges-fat

The last day of the Weight Loss Challenge is October 7th.  The person with the HIGHEST weight loss percentage will earn 50% off the next session starting October 18th! The second highest percentage will earn 25% off and the third will earn 25% off the session fee!

Yikes that was a long one….sorry about that…once I get going I can’t stop!

class next week is MONDAY, WEDNESDAY, FRIDAY

So…I’m going to the Cubs Game on Monday, September 19th so I do NOT want to get up Tuesday morning to teach class! Yep, I’m being a stinker and lazy….I get to do that once in a while!  I will send out a text to remind you Sunday night!  Don’t forget to weigh-in on Fridays if you want, not mandatory, but helpful to keep you track and focused!

We had a KILLER workout this morning and we will do it (not the same one of course…it as in a KILLER workout) again tomorrow…..and Friday!

Burrito Bowls:








SO….I made this meal for my lunches for the week and it was awesome and super easy!  You need 2 peppers (any color), 1 onion, and chicken breasts or chicken tenderloins.

Picture 1- Place all items on parchment paper covered cookies sheet.  Peppers on one side, chicken in the middle, and onion on the other side.  Drizzle or spray olive oil on veggies. Sprinkle taco seasoning on top of chicken.  Bake at 400 degrees for 20 minutes.

Picture 2- Looks Awesome just like that!  Now cut/shred chicken.

Picture 3-Place small amount of quinoa or rice (I use the qunioa from costco and divided it into 1/4 cup serving size) and add corn if you would like.

Picture 4- Mix chicken, peppers, and onions on cookie sheet and divide into four containers!  Enjoy!


Another first…weigh in this week…

I think I am off to a rough start this summer and fall…today…was a pants problem!  Yep, I wore my pants inside out and by the time I noticed it they were too sweaty to turn the right way!  I’m such a dork!  Oh well, it provided a little comic relief and I’m sure it won’t be the last time it happens, especially now that it is getting darker in the morning.

I hope everyone had a great weekend…I had lots of fun, but probably a little too much fun!  It’s taking me a few naps and early to bed nights (even earlier than my usual 9:00 bedtime) to recover!

luke bryan

WEIGHT LOSS CHALLENGE:scale worth I also forgot to bring my scale this morning to do the weigh-in-oops!  The reason for participating in a weight loss challenge is different for everyone!  For some it may to lose those few extra pounds from the summer, for others it is to make them focus on healthier eating, for some it may be motivation to just come to workouts, for others it may be to get back on track, and for a select few it may be just the thrill of trying to win the challenge.   Every person has a reason and all that matters is that you are doing if for YOU!!  I know that some of you get nervous about me seeing how much you weigh….I really don’t invest any mental time into your number, I promise.  I figure to relieve some of the stress of sharing your number, I will share mine….for everyone to see….here it goes…as of 6:30 am on 8/30/2016 I weighed 143.8 pounds!  Are you surprised?  I am willing to be that some of you were and the only reason I think that is that I played a guessing weight game with some family members this weekend and they were way off.  What you look like and how much you weigh can be very deceiving….the number on the scale is not the only thing that matters, please remember that as we do this challenge!!  That being said, if you would like to participate please weigh in by Friday, September 2nd.  The challenge will last for 6 weeks. I will have my scale at class on Fridays for you to monitor yourself!  The last day of the Challenge will be October 7th.  The person with the HIGHEST weight loss percentage will earn 50% off the next session starting October 18th! The second highest percentage will earn 25% off and the third will earn 25% off the session fee! You will need to weigh in the week of August 30th on my scale (I’m the only one that sees the number) and weigh out on my scale!!  There is NO fee to join this challenge!

half pound a week

Here we go….1/2 off Newbies and Spouses & CHALLENGE!!

Most of us are going to the ground running this week, getting the kids off to school, starting back at work, soccer, cheer, and football practices back in full swing….so let’s get ourselves back in a routine now!  I promise that once you get back in the habit of coming to class and getting it over with you won’t regret it…..morning workout

I’ve been back to school for 7 days, 5 full days with students and feel like I got hit by a truck!  This summer I felt like a taxi driver and now I feel like a circus entertainer!    There are a few kids that are definitely going to give me a run for my money, but the positive is that it makes the days a little more entertaining and they go by super fast! I have decided that I need to start journaling about my school day so that I can write a book when I retire…. I’ve got some CRAZY stories! workout-posters-exercise-clothes

Classes for the next 8 weeks start Tuesday, August 23rd!  Class times are 5:15-6:00!  Feel free to leave when you need to leave…I plan most of the workouts to end at 6:00 and then we do some abs and stretching!

24 classes=$230.00 (this means you are coming 3 times per week)

21 classes= $205.00 (you are really trying to come 3 times per week)

18 classes= $185.00 (you are coming 2x/week with a couple extra)

15 classes= $170.00 (you are coming 2x/week every week with one off day)

12 classes= $145.00 (you are coming 1x/week for sure with a few 2x a week)


WEIGHT LOSS CHALLENGE (any way you want to do it- low carb, no carb, 21 day fix, count calories, use fitness pal, even report to me what you eat on a daily basis) will begin….August 30th for 6 weeks. The last day to weigh in/out will be October 7th! The person with the HIGHEST weight loss percentage will win 50% off the next session starting October 18th! The second highest percentage will win 25% off and the third will earn 25% off the session fee! You will need to weigh in the week of August 30th on my scale (I’m the only one that sees the number) and weigh out on my scale!!  There is NO fee to join!scale 2


Those of you that have been coming to bootcamp for the past 4 years know that Jim (my husband) has made an appearance once and only once to class!  He hates to get up early and his school starts earlier than mine….but he has agreed to come at least once a week for the next session!  Jim usually works out to a T25 video in his classroom during a free period and he thinks he’s ready to give the class a try!  I have promised to not say anything to him (which is funny because I never single anyone out, but I think he thinks I’ll feel comfortable doing it to him).  You may notice I’m not telling any “Jim stories” its probably because he is in the back row and I have to wait until he’s not there!  😉

jim burger with mac and cheese


A first in 4 years….and 1/2 off Spouses/Newbies!

It was a FIRST in four years…I did the unbelievable….I overslept…hopefully that is the only one for another 4 years!  I still can’t believe it, it is such an awful feeling.  There have been times when I have had to take something to help me sleep because I am so worried about oversleeping and missing class.  Well, I figured out what happened….I never set my alarm because I was still recovering from our trip to Vegas and fell asleep before setting it.

The next session will start August 23rd…with a vote of 55% to 46% we are going to go with the punch card option.  There will be a TOTAL of 24 classes over the 8 weeks from August 23rd-October 14th.  Also, based on the results of the poll….classes will be on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday!

So the following payment options are available…..                                                24 classes=$230.00  (this means you are coming 3 times per week)                    21  classes= $205.00 (you are really trying to come 3 times per week)                18 classes= $185.00    (you are coming 2x/week with a couple extra)                  15  classes= $170.00 (you are coming 2x/week every week with one off day)  12 classes= $145.00 (you are coming 1x/week for sure with a few 2x a week)

The BEST part is that your spouse/friend/newbie to No Excuses is HALF OFF this session.  Yep, anyone that is new to No Excuses will get half off any of these punch card prices!  They can pick any punch card option for half off!!!

Class tomorrow, Tuesday, August 9th and Friday, August 11th!  Following week…Tuesday, August 16th and Friday, August 19th before the NEW Session August 23rd!

PS…tried to post some pictures, but my computer is being a PITA and want to get this out…..